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If you are shopping for outdoor resin wicker furniture sets, you will likely be using them a lot during the warmer months of the year. Besides choosing resin wicker furniture that is attractive, select your patio furniture based on comfort and durability. Be careful buying cheap wicker furniture - it may not last many seasons.

Bathroom should be designed to create your most relaxing retreat! Before you hire a team of professionals or if you are planning to remodel an old bathroom yourself make sure you learn some of the basic safety, storage, ventilation, decor and design issues crucial to the project.

Rustic kitchen cabinets are wonderful! Rustic kitchen cabinets are wonderful! These cabinets can be designed like pieces of furniture, with hand-carved or rustic details and hardware to match the finishes. Cabinet doors can be made with wood, glass, etched glass or iron grids.

Use the best kitchen and bath magazines to learn how to have great kitchens and bathrooms. Beautifully photographed, the kitchens and baths you'll be seeing here will show you what works, what does not and the steps you should take before you build or renovate.

Garage overhead storage provides you extra storage, either suspended from the joists or built between the joists and rafters.

Linda Rola