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Traditional American style decor. The American Colonial style is traditional home style and conservative, but with less formality and ornamentation than the English and European styles of the same period.

Bathroom should be designed to create your most relaxing retreat! Before you hire a team of professionals or if you are planning to remodel an old bathroom yourself make sure you learn some of the basic safety, storage, ventilation, decor and design issues crucial to the project.

Bedroom storage and bedroom furniture. The best way to ensure that a bedroom stays tidy is to have a special place for everything.

Are you looking for fireplace design ideas? With modern-day technologies, you can purchase and install any of a number of contemporary design fireplaces to fit any decor, color, finish, shape and space.

Garage overhead storage provides you extra storage, either suspended from the joists or built between the joists and rafters.

Linda Rola