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Country style kitchen you can have all the modern appliances and conveniences and even mix new and old furniture pieces for a more contemporary look.

Kitchen design books - kitchen today need to perform many different functions for the family besides functioning well which is a major challenge for most designers.

Design principles often make this room the social center of the home - it can be a place for eating, a place for working and a place to organize everything from spices to household finances.

Find bath vanity lighting here!

From shaving, putting on your makeup and doing a great deal of your grooming in the morning before you go to work, you need to see clearly without having to squint and strain with your eyes.

Are you looking for bathroom tile ideas? When selecting your bathroom tile design, be aware of its color, texture and style.

Color can greatly affect your mood - it make you feel calm or give you energy. Bathrooms don't need to be tiled from top to bottom - an entirely tiled room can look uncomfortably clinical.

Small kitchen design ideas need to help create a space that will be functional, comfortable and inviting for family and friends.

Linda Rola