Learn about approved ADA grab bars and safety products for your bathroom.

Install ADA grab bars or hand rails in your bathroom to reduce falling, getting hurt and provide more safety when you have to take a shower, bath, use the sink or basin and getting up from the toilet.

As you may know, ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act and regulations dealing with requirements in the USA for certain design and construction standards to be met in buildings.

If you have children, or are pregnant, perhaps are recuperating from an injury or illness or have aging parents or grandparents - it is a good idea to add handicap grab bars to your tub, shower and toilet.

Hand rails in the shower or tub makes bathing or showering safer for everyone. You can find ADA-compliant grab bars or safety aids in a variety of styles and finishes.

Near the toilet is an appropriate installation for anyone that may be having difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet.

ADA grab bars are not only for old people...if you have an accident, or an injury or if you have arthritis and you are still young, you may need help using your bathroom.

New bathroom design and construction today may include this kind of safety equipment as standard accessories in bathrooms. Request round edges in your bathrooms to avoid any type of injury.

Don't install towel racks for the purpose of holding onto. They don't work and towel racks cannot support a person's body weight. Using towel racks to support oneself is a major mistake and not safe!

When installing grab bars in your bathroom, make sure that framing studs are used for support - not just glued or screwed to the wallboard or tile.

It should the responsibility of the professional installer to ensure that the mounting area is secure and that the proper mounting hardware is used. Be sure you supervise the contractor while he or she is installing your grab bars.

Reduce clutter in the bathroom and organize supplies, toiletries and towels in places that are easily accessible.

Freestanding organizational tools may be useful but they need to be safe and placed in areas that don't clutter the traffic area.

Make sure you have enough floor space to accommodate a wheelchair or walker if someone will be using one of these.

Add flooring that is slip-resistant for safety reasons - it will avoid injuries and accidents if you have children and elder family members.

Make sure your bathroom has good natural lighting, if possible. A bright bathroom will be more pleasant, happier and will make it look bigger. Add spot lighting, low voltage lighting and touch-control light switches for your family safety.

A bathroom with pocket doors is more efficient, uses less space and is more friendly for people using a wheelchair or walker. Handrails should be placed in the hallways - it will allow easier access to the different rooms.

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