You can buy an aluminum can crusher to reduce the volume of your recycling material and make sure the aluminum does not end up in the landfills!

Are you looking for an aluminum can crusher for your home? In North America, this metal is one of the most valuable products to be recycled. Aluminum is no longer available in large quantities!

It is a widely used industrial product and some of its main uses are in the making of cans, foil, outdoor furniture and trays, as well as many other consumer products.

Using a can crusher to recover this valuable metal means being responsible in looking after the welfare of humans the planet earth and the environment.

In North America (USA and Canada), people recycle approximately 75% of the aluminum they are using each year.

Even with this amount of recycling, hundreds of thousand of tons of this valuable metal end up in the landfills.

People typically think about recycling this metal, meaning they are thinking about soda pop cans or beer cans.

However, other products such as lawn furniture and anything else made of this metal can also be recycled.

Maybe you have a product that you are thinking about recycling but may be unsure if doing so is appropriate. If you are not sure, responsible advice is to contact your local recycling facility. They will know what can and cannot be recycled locally.

Recycling of this metal is actually a very interesting process. In the first stage, items are picked up from different recycling centers and taken to a plant for scrap metal.

Upon arrival, the metal is separated from other materials, then crushed into metallic slabs.

All the labels or can coatings will be removed at the next step in the process which is processing at the recycling company.

These slabs or blocks of material now will be composed of about 50% recycled products. At the facility for recycling, these blocks will be cut into shreds and then crushed.

If there are labels and coatings on the cans, they will now be removed. The crushed shreds will be melted and combined with new metal. Once this metal has been melted, it can easily be formed into any shape as needed.

When you buy a kitchen aluminum can crusher, your recycling bins will be able to keep a lot more cans. Depending on how many beers or sodas you drink, you may only have to place your recycling bins outside, once a month. This is only when you use the can crusher!

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