Learn about aluminum can recycling and the recycling process for aluminum.

Aluminum can recycling and the recycling process for aluminum are important because a recycling aluminum can program saves natural resources, energy and money.

This metal is actually the most common metal on earth. So why is it so important to have a recycling aluminum can program?

While the earth is not at risk of running out of this abundant metal any time soon, using new metal requires much more energy and money than using recycled metal. Waste is also a key issue.

In the USA and Canada, more than 50% of the aluminum cans that are produced are recycled. Of course, we all know that we can do better.

Remember, if you do not like to recycle because you do not have the time - what that means is that all the waste will end up in the landfills.

And since we are running out of room to create more landfills, we not only add to this problem, the excess waste also harms animal and plant life that is living in and near the landfill sites.

Using recycled cans to produce new ones results in the consumption of 95% less energy than if you used the virgin materials.

Most major beer brands and some of the soft drinks are sold in aluminum cans. If you will be collecting and turning in cans, it is a good idea to wash them before you do so.

One way that companies can encourage consumers to recycle is through the use of can deposits. In order to get that deposit back, you must return the can to a relevant facility where it will then be transported to the processing plant.

When people participate in reusing this metal, they are helping protect the environment.

However, there are still too many people who throw away cans and other recyclable products.

To recycle is good for everyone. It will reduce our waste products and at the same time conserve energy. This process creates jobs and helps the community.

If you have no process to reuse aluminum in your local area, why not get an environmental group started and make that your first project? You may find that many people want to get involved, including local area businesses.

Current recycling aluminum can prices.

Here are aluminum recycling pricing for certain states.

If you recycle your cans in

Maine (ME),
Vermont (VT),
New York (NY),
Oregon (OR),
Delaware (DE),
Connecticut (CT), and
Massachusetts (MA) - the current aluminum can recycle pricing in these states is 5 cents per can.

Many states in the USA have no statewide programs or aluminum recycling price. Instead, these kinds of programs are left up to individual communities.

If you want to recycle, you may want to use an inexpensive household aluminum can crusher and have recycling aluminum can containers to keep them organized.

This significantly reduces the space that cans require if they are not crushed. Learn more about using an aluminum can crusher here.

Aluminum can recycling success story...

• In 2003, for example, 54 billion cans were placed into the recycling process that is a rate of 51.2 percent, saving the energy equivalent of 15 million barrels of oil, which is the USA's gas consumption for one day. These figures are a great aluminum can recycling success story.

• In 2011, 55 percent of aluminum beer and soft drink containers generated were recycled (about 0.7 million tons). About 1.6 million tons of aluminum were used to make durable and nondurable goods, such as appliances and automobile parts.

• Another aluminum can recycling and success story - this process enables charities, schools and other organizations to raise money to be used in numerous ways to further their causes.

The money earned this way can be used for various local programs and thereby improving people's lives in the area. Boy and girl scout troops can raise money for trips or to pay for summer camp.

Cans for Habitat raises money for Habitat for Humanity and to build affordable housing for low income families. This is a great aluminum can recycling and success story.

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