Learn about backyard pond designs and here are backyard pond pictures.

Backyard pond designs and the information that follows on backyard waterpond design ideas should be of interest to you if you are looking to create this kind of outdoor landscaping.

Whether you have a pond that is built with a liner or is the preformed kind, the pump used is the most important part of any water landscaping feature.

Stagnant water in your pond will smell bad and attract mosquitos which are undesirable and annoying.

It is most difficult to entertain friends and family when you are being visited and bitten by mosquitos.

If you are interested in having a backyard water pond you will need to buy a pump to circulate the water both for aesthetic reasons and health reasons.

You may purchase pumps in two basic kinds of models:

• 1- Submersible pump functions in the water only
• 2- External pump should function outside the pond

Small size backyard pond designs should use the submersible type of pump, assuming that your pond uses up to 1,000 gallons of water. It is your best choice and the cheapest!

Submersible pumps are placed in the water and they require no major installation skills. They run quietly and you should not have to worry about any pump noises if you have an outdoor party.

When you decide to clean and drain the pond, attach the garden hose to the output connection on the pump. What needs to be avoided is the ruptured of the pump seal ever, we don't want any oil to be discharged in the water.

Submersible pumps today function without any major problems. The new technology for these pumps uses magnets and does not require any coolant.

The pumps controlled by magnets cost more, but they will use less electrical power.

A pump capacity is given as how many gallons per hour it will pump at one foot of lift or height.

Most manufacturers will give you information and charts that show the power of each size pump according to incremental heights of one foot.

Make sure you buy a pump that circulates the water at least once every two hours. A rule of thumb is to size the pump to ensure that it has half the gallons per hour rating as the volume of your pond in gallons.

Here is an example - with a 1,000 gallon size water feature, you would need at least a 500 gallons per hour pump. Calculating the pump capacity needed for backyard pond waterfalls and design is trickier because you must estimate the height of your waterfall.

Measure how high it is from the pump top to the waterfall top. Plus, for each ten feet of hose being used, another foot of height should be added.

In addition, for every inch of channel width, add another hundred gallons per hour.

For example, for a waterfall that is 10" to 15" wide, it is a good idea to buy a pump that can process 1,000 gallons per hour.

If you are going to have fish living in the pond, you need a pump with more power...for the fish to survive, it is necessary more water circulation.

For survival, fish require more oxygen in the water. Strong pump capacity is required, must be able to introduce adequate oxygen into the water as well as distributing it throughout the water.

The rule of thumb is this - double the pump gallons per hour if you will be raising fish. Magnetic driven pump include a sealed unit with an enclosure that prevents debris from clogging up the intake portion of the pump.

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As you go through this resource, you are likely to better understand how to create the landscaping water feature that is just what you want.

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