Bathroom book idea - find a bathroom idea book for a bathroom remodel or construction job online here...

Bathroom book idea - a bathroom idea book that is written by experienced design and construction authors can provide many efficient and practical ideas that may be used for your next remodel or new construction project.

Below are several bathroom book idea recommendations to help you as you begin to organize how you will create this wonderful space.

The New Smart Approach to Bath Design by Susan Maney.

If you are designing or decorating your bathroom, this book is for you.

You will learn how to design a master bath, a bath for the family, children's baths and hiring design professionals and construction experts.

Learn to buy the most appropriate materials, fixtures to be used in the bathroom, how to plan the space, lighting, storage and how to decorate with style.

No matter whether you are planning a kitchen or bath for a log home, a contemporary home or a rustic home - use the information and ideas from this book to help you with your kitchen and bath designs.

Bathrooms: Plan, Remodel, Build by Residential Architect Jerry Germer.

This informative book will show you ideas for designing master baths, powder rooms, children's baths, ideas for flooring and creating handicapped/accessible baths.

It uses color photography and covers subjects like design trends, what vanities are appropriate, different lighting types, ventilation in this room plus the latest bath products and materials.

This resource gives specific instructions, step by step, on how to do the work - from floors to fixtures. You will find this bathroom book ideas resource with many suggestions for layout, design and construction.

Design Ideas for Bathrooms by Susan Boyle Hillstrom, Mark Samu

Design Ideas for Bathrooms presents a range of ideas for creating an up-to-date bathroom.

Readers will find many excellent examples of master baths, family baths, powder rooms, and accessible designs.

There is complete coverage of the latest fixtures including desirable spa amenities such as jetted tubs and showers, steam devices and saunas, rain bars, and sprayers.

This book gives you a full representation of finishing materials from high-end looks in stone to affordable plastic laminates. Other targeted topics include vanities and storage, lighting, ventilation and laundry areas.

New Tile Setting Book: Tile Your World by John P. Bridge.

This guide is about ceramic tile setters and this bathroom book idea resource covers the history of tile setters to advanced tiling techniques for homes.

Projects that are included range from kitchen and bath floor ideas to custom tile shower installations.

Kitchen counters and back splashes are also covered. You'll find more than 300 photographs plus numerous line drawings and several color inserts and lots of bathroom book ideas.

Flooring Handbook by Dennis Jeffries

Bathroom book idea - find great ideas for a bathroom remodel or construction job online here. A bathroom idea book can save you time and money. This book is about all types of flooring for your home - it is also about how to select the best floor and how to install it.

Cabin Kitchens & Baths by Esther Schmidt and Franklin Schmidt

This bathroom book idea resource will cover how to decorate or update the bathrooms and kitchens in log home and cabins.

Find elegant bathroom decor ideas, rustic bathroom decor and much more discussed in detail.

You will learn more about the log home building industry and the design and installation of kitchen cabinets and appliances, bath fixtures, architectural details, example floor plans to help make your dream kitchen or bath become a reality.

As you may already know, in a log home or cabin, the bath and kitchen can be complex rooms. Learn as much as possible about making yours just what you want it to be.

Bathroom Idea Book by Andrew Wormer

In this resource you will learn numerous usable ideas for your bath planning and budgeting.

Materials to consider using, which fixtures are best for your project, storage options and more will be covered in this bathroom idea book.

Lighting: A Design Source Book by Author Elizabeth Wilhide and Photographer Ray Main

Lighting is one of the most important factors that is related to the concept of our moods and how living space can influence how we feel.

Concepts on how light sources should be positioned in each and every room of the home will be covered to provide you with the understanding you need to create a great living space.

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