Use 8 elegant bathroom decor ideas and rustic bathroom decor to help create your perfect bathroom.

#1- Elegant bathroom decor ideas - bathrooms are no longer the ignored rooms that you don't want friends and family to look at them. Bathrooms today are elegant, comfortable and fun to use!

Today, you can give your bathroom a country bathroom decor, rustic bathroom decor, nautical bathroom decor, Asian bathroom decor, Tuscan bathroom decor, etc...and many others...and it is a room you can show off and enjoy.

Make sure your bathroom has lots of built-in cabinets, stand alone closets, open shelving for towels, storage cabinets for cleaning supplies and bath accessories which will keep your room clutter free for bathroom decor ideas and decor ideas bathroom design.

Large bathrooms can handle a lot more amenities...

• Exercise equipment with television,
• Massage table,
• State-of-the-art sound system,
• Sauna,
• Hot tubs to relax,
• Steam showers,
• Fireplace,
• Waterfall or some flow of water,
• Washer and dryer section with ironing board, drying racks and storage,
• Whirlpool to soak,
• Storage to remove all types of clutter and
• Walk-in dressing/closet area.

If your bathroom is large enough for bathroom decor ideas, you should consider having a shower stall and a separate whirlpool tub or regular bathtub along with a separate exercise area in the bathroom.

Wow!!!! This allows several people to use the bathroom at the same time, without being in each others way.

For smaller bathrooms, you may have to use the tub-shower combination units. Today's bathing experience is totally different from many years ago...we no longer have to deal with out-houses.

You can watch television or listen to some music while you soak in your large whirlpool, and tubs come with underwater lights to put you in a great mood while you bathe, relax and pamper yourself.

Just be sure that you position the television and radio or stereo away from any water don't want to have any accidents!!!!!

#2- Vintage bathroom decor ideas - Another one of the best bathroom decor ideas is to make sure your bathroom has natural light without sacrificing privacy.

This can be accomplished with a window, glass doors, glass blocks, skylight or a roof skylight to bring in natural light, and a dramatic view.

To have a skylight that can be opened is a great advantage because it reduces and avoids moisture build-up, and since privacy is not an issue, they don't have to be covered.

Large mirrors, large windows, skylights and open or glass enclosed showers will create a sense of openness, making the space in the bathroom appear larger than its actual dimensions.

Bathrooms without windows can be unpleasant and confining. Today you can find windows and skylights with stained glass, etched glass or leaded glass that will make your bathroom spectacular.

If you have a window in your bathroom that should be covered for privacy but do not want to block daylight, use window art glass, or use a window film that looks like etched glass or other designs.

Venetian blinds or curtains are another of the decor ideas bathroom design options for your bathroom window that could add color and texture to your room.

Ralph Lauren bath towels for your bathroom decor ideas

• These beautiful towels are made from 100% Supima cotton, one of the softest and finest cottons available for vintage bathroom decor.
• Soft and absorbent bath towels are perfect for a contemporary bathroom decor.
• Bathroom towels are available in a variety of sizes and colors - bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, bath sheet, shower towel and tub mat.

#3- Decor ideas bathroom design

Many bathrooms cannot be used by people with disabilities, by the elderly and by young children. If someone in your family is in a wheelchair, you may need to add or make some of the following alterations:

• The toilet and shower seats for wheelchair users should be 17 to 19 inches - the usual height is 14 inches.

• Your bathroom should be at least 8 x 8 feet.

• Doorways should be 3 feet wide according to accessibility standards so the wheelchair can pass through and the doors should swing outward.

• A center space of 60 x 60 inches should be allowed for the wheelchair to turnaround.

• The shower stall needs to be at least 4 feet square and the opening to the shower 36 inches wide.

• Make sure you have a seat in the shower, anti-scalding devices on the faucets and grab bars to hold on for comfort and safety.

• The sink should be installed 34 inches above the floor with 27 inches knee space.

• Use slip resistant flooring in your bathroom for safety reasons.

• Light switches and electrical outlets should be no higher than 42 inches above the floor.

#4- Vintage bathroom decor ideas

Install grab bars in your tub and shower areas and select a shower door made from safety glass. It will be safer for your entire family, for the physically challenged and the elderly.

Do not use towel bars as grab bars. Towel bars are not strong enough to support the human body. Grab bars are becoming an essential accessory in most bathrooms - you should use them if you are recovering from an injury, during your pregnancy and if you have elderly people in your house.

#5- Country bathroom decor ideas - natural and artificial lighting are very important to any bathroom.

General lighting tend to be ceiling lights, wall sconces, recessed lighting or track lighting. Having adequate general lighting means there is enough light for someone to walk safely through the bathroom.

This overall light tends to distribute itself throughout the entire space, creating very little shadow, but general lighting is not sufficient for functions like putting on make-up and shaving.

Direct light tends to reduce the shadows produced by diffused and indirect light...combination of all types of bathroom lighting will give your bathroom the best results.

Task lighting - provides good light to a specific area where you are doing specific tasks like shaving, putting on make-up or other types of grooming.

Task lighting should be adjustable by using dimmers or controls, and it is best to aim this type of lighting at an angle to avoid hot spots or shadows.

Accent lighting - these light fixtures are used to focus attention on artwork, certain visual drama, to highlight architectural features and set a certain mood.

Consider using track lighting for the purpose of spotlighting decorative objects or to provide you with the relaxing environment you want when soaking in the tub.

Low voltage halogen bulbs are a great choice for this type of lighting. Don't forget dimmer switches and control panels to help you adjust your lights for multiple uses and bathroom decor effects.

#6- Rustic bathroom decor ideas - bathroom accessories can be found in a variety of materials - porcelain, brass, steel, chrome, nickel and vitreous china. Polished brass accessories that are lacquered are very popular and they will not tarnish.

Bathroom accessories:

• Toilet paper holder
• Hooks
• Tissue holders
• Soap dispensers
• Soap dishes
• Lotion dispensers
• Towel rings
• Towel bars
• Vanity shelves
• Towel warmers
Grab bars
• Toothbrush and tumbler holders

Do not use towel bars as grab bars. They are not strong enough! The correct bathroom design approach is to use grab bars - they are much stronger and made of solid brass tubing, welded stainless steel or brazed solid brass.

#7- Elegant bathroom decor ideas - fill wicker baskets with soaps, sponges, bubble baths, and loofahs.

You can roll some of your colorful towels and place them in wicker baskets for an elegant look. Add scented candles to the room.

Add mirrors from wall to wall and counter-top to ceiling in your bathroom.

Place several mirrors around the area that you want to use for exercise to reflect light and extend the room. The mirrors will give you the same sensation as if they were windows.

#8- Bathroom decor ideas - if your bathroom is very small and you want to increase your space, you can expand the room by doing the following:

1- Take up part of an adjoining room.

2- Push an external wall out to create an addition - to create this type of addition you will have to make several structural changes and it will be usually more expensive.

If you are changing all your bathroom fixtures including the tub, the walls may have to come down to get the old tub out. If you need to move your toilet more than two inches, you will have major plumbing changes to deal with. It will be costly to move your bathroom fixtures.

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