Learn more about bathroom design and bathroom interior design!

Learn more about bathroom design and bathroom interior design for your home! Most design of any room in the house requires planning before you begin doing any type of construction work or buying all kinds of fixtures and accessories.

Proper bathroom interior design means planning four major aspects of this space before beginning the work - budget, layout, function and style.

Most homeowners fall in love with the tub or vanity that they want to buy and these items may be too large for the room. Perhaps they don't match the style of your home or are not appropriate for the size of the room.

What is important is to plan a functional and beautiful room that will provide a comfortable and pleasant environment and at the same time fit the style of your home.

If your old layout works well, you should not have a problem!

All you need to do is to change the fixtures, paint, lighting fixtures, tile or marble, buy new mirrors and window treatments and your room will have a totally new look.

It gets costly is when you are moving the toilet to another area or replacing most of your plumbing fixtures.

Moving walls, windows and doors to make the room larger will also increase your expense.

Layout and bathroom interior design is determined by the size and shape of the room. It is important to determine how many people use the room, what their grooming habits are and how they will use it.

If the room is large, you may consider the following issues:

• Are you planning to have built-in storage?

• Are you creating separate compartments for your steam shower, tub or whirlpool and toilet?

• How many people will be using the space at the same time?

• Would you like to have exercise equipment, skylight, whirlpool, greenhouse, fireplace, water fountain, fish tank, sauna or hot tub in the room?

• Do you have enough electrical outlets near the sink, vanity or around the area where you may be locating a television or stereo equipment?

• Are you considering to have two sinks and vanities for storage?

• Do you have enough natural and artificial lighting and are you using the correct lighting fixtures?

• Do you have the appropriate ventilation to reduce odors and moisture?

• Are you planning to install grab bars near the shower and tub?

• Is your tub, whirlpool and shower large enough or would you like it larger?

• Would you like to install a multi-jet shower with room for two people?

• Are you planning to add towel warmers to the bathroom?

• What about installing a sitting-down makeup area?

• Are you going to install radiant heat floors?

Create several templates on graph paper with different layouts. Place the fixtures where you want them with the appropriate code required clearances (use the plumbing code for requirements or visit your local building department).

Your bathroom should be viewed as necessary for retreat, relaxation from the pressures of everyday life and a place of renewal for your body and spirit.

To compartmentalize is a good way to make the area multi-functional and to allow several people in the family to use the room at the same time and still have some privacy.

For a very small bathroom interior design, you may consider creating fewer compartments or you may need to buy a corner shower, a small tub, a pedestal sink, a wall hung sink and wall mounted toilet. Mirrors are magical because they reflect light and extend the room.

In a small space, use nooks for baskets, shelves and closets to organize towels, soaps, books, magazines, medications, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, grooming supplies, etc... Good small bathroom design will include a design that is free of clutter.

Budget for your bathroom design - decide how much you want to spend for the renovation or new room.

The amount will determine what fixtures, the types of storage and materials you will be able to buy.

If you are not changing the plumbing, walls and flooring, your renovation will not be as expensive.

Are you wanting to replace your fixtures and add some extra storage? This type of renovation can be between $4,000 to $10,000 US dollars to do it.

If your bathroom is large and you want all kinds of bells and whistles like fireplace, steam shower, whirlpool tubs, high-end fixtures, spa and dressing room, you can spend as much as $20,000 to $60,000 US dollars or more.

Function and bathroom design - it is important to allow enough room between your fixtures so everyone can maneuver around them. This becomes crucial if you have children, the elderly, adults recovering from illness/injury or the physically challenged.

Lighting can visually change your room dimensions. Very often, if a room is small, washing the walls with an even layer of light will make the space appear larger.

Bathroom lighting - natural and artificial - relaxes you and enhances the mood in the room.

This can be accomplished with a window, perhaps a wall skylight or a roof skylight to bring in natural light, a view or a dramatic sky scape. To have a skylight that can be opened is a wonderful advantage because it reduces or avoids moisture build-up in the room.

Consider having good lighting (artificial lighting) - recessed lights are very popular and they can be used to highlight certain key areas like a mirror that is used for grooming or where you put on your makeup. You can install dimmers so that you can adjust the lighting to be as bright or as soft as you want.

Style for bathroom interior design - decide what kind of style you want the room to be. You may want it to have an industrial feel, the country or cottage style...or perhaps the contemporary style or a serene spa.

When you decide on the style, you can start choosing the fixtures, materials and accessories to match the decor you want. Enjoy creating your bathroom interior design!

Books about bathroom interiors and bathroom interior design.

Bathrooms: Plan, Remodel, Build by Author and RA Jerry Germer

This book has great information for bathroom design and bathroom interior design.

Inside you will find practical bathroom design ideas for master baths, powder rooms, family baths, kids' baths and accessible baths.

Since this room is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, learning all you can as you plan this area is time well spent.

This book includes spa features, vanities, lighting, ventilation, and the latest bath products and materials. You can often find used copies of bathroom design and decorating books online, so check out the books page.

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