A bathroom designs idea and luxury bathroom design - can I really design my own bathroom?

Can a design my own bathroom designs idea help me create a special space? You bet it can! A design my own bathroom designs idea can help you see what considerations to think about and what decisions should be made before any work actually begins.

If the space is large enough, you might consider adding some exercise equipment, a walk-in closet, maybe a fireplace, a whirlpool, TV or entertainment system. You can even use the room to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

One way to begin is to start keeping a notebook for when a designs idea for your bathroom comes to you.

If you'll keep a written log of your bathroom designs idea considerations, you'll soon define the room that will be the best for you.

Use the notebook to document what materials to use, how much money you want to spend, what size bathroom you want, how to coordinate the fixtures and finishes, what layout is best and so on.

When you design your own bathroom, here are questions to answer:

• 1- What size should the room be?
• 2- What type of look and decor do I want?
• 3- Who will be using the room?
• 4- What type of fixtures do I need?
• 5- What type of flooring do I want?
• 6- How much lighting do I need?
• 7- Will you be adding more windows or skylights for natural light?
• 8- What colors will I be using?

Design a bathroom sizes and types can be:

Master bath, luxury bathroom - usually a larger room, it will have a toilet, perhaps a bidet, two sinks and vanity, tub or whirlpool and shower, maybe a fireplace, exercise equipment section, separate walking closet, perhaps a water fountain and definitely ample built-in storage.

If the master bathroom is large enough, divide the room into several areas for privacy and functions as you desire.

Marble, slate or wooden floors work well in master bathrooms...marble and granite will create a beautiful countertop for your vanity. A master bath should match the style and decor of the master bedroom.

Half bathroom or powder room - includes pedestal sink or vanity with sink, toilet and storage room only.

A bathroom designs idea can be to place the half bath on your home's main floor living area so that family, friends and guests will not need to climb the stairs to use the other bath.

Your home's value will be generally increased when you add a half bath on the main floor. Common sizes can be 3'x6' and 4'x5' feet. Below you will find two possible layouts for this kind of room.

Children's bathroom - a 3/4 size or full size bath would be appropriate, depending on what size your home is and the number of children you may have. Another bathroom designs idea is that bathrooms for kids should have adequate storage with safe and colorful cubbies.

Use a wall or divider to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom if more than one child will be in the room at the same time. When selecting fixtures and materials for children's or teens' baths, make sure they are durable and easy to clean.

Safety is important if children or the elderly will be using the space. Medicine and cleaning supplies should be locked with a child-proof lock or kept out of reach.

Grab bars, hand rails or non-slip mats should be placed around the tub, toilet and shower. Using non-slip flooring and installing anti-scalding controls so you can regulate the water temperature is also recommended.

Full bath - includes toilet, sink, and combination tub/shower plumbed along one wall. Some full bathrooms are large enough to have a separate tub and shower. Typical dimensions are 5'x7' or 5'x8' feet.

Guest bathroom - this kind is usually either a 3/4 or a full size bath.

Small bathroom - includes corner shower stall, toilet and sink and typical dimensions are 6'x6' feet.

• 2. What about convenient storage? To design my own bathroom correctly means including ample storage. Perhaps a combination sink and vanity will provide the extra storage that you need.

A great bathroom designs idea is - one never has too much storage! Use shelves and/or cabinets over the toilet and anywhere else you want.

You can use corner shelves for extra storage and towel bars can be placed above each other. A mirrored medicine cabinet will provide a place for toiletries, grooming supplies and medicines.

It's not necessary to locate the medicine cabinet above the sink or vanity. It can be placed anywhere in the room that suits you. A caddy in the corner of the shower will give extra storage - a practical bathroom designs idea.

• 3. What about the lighting? It is important to have natural light in bathrooms. A window or skylight can provide natural light as well as a nice view. Windows and skylights that can be opened have the advantage of reducing moisture build-up.

Planning the artificial lighting is vital since the room's personality and decor require sufficient artificial light levels.

Lighting defines and brightens the space, which can affect how you feel when you are in the room.

Bathroom should have recessed lighting above the vanity, wall sconces on each side of the mirror and perhaps bath lights above the vanity mirror.

Depending on the size of the room, you could add chandeliers and recessed lighting to the compartments where the toilet, tub or shower are located.

• 4. What about the ventilation? In climates where mold or mildew are an issue, using an exhaust fan is desirable to move the humid air to the outside. Read more about bathroom design ideas and choosing a power ventilator.

If you are wanting to design my own bathroom, do it! Read all you can from books and bathroom magazines as well as researching online. Make informed decisions as you plan and during construction.

Within your budget constraints, decide on the location and layout, what materials and furnishings will be used and so on. The more bathroom designs idea questions that you consider and answer means you increase the likelihood of creating the best bathroom that is just what you want.

Books with design my own bathroom designs idea information.

Bathrooms: Plan, Remodel, Build by RA and Author Jerry Germer

Are you looking for a bathroom designs idea? This resource shows how to install or build almost anything in your bathroom.

Use this book for bathroom designs idea to help create that dream space. Can I really design my own bathroom? Yes, I can learn to design my own bathroom or learn luxury bathroom design online here.

Using easy-to-follow instructions and a wealth of colorful illustrations and photographs, you should be able to plan your room after reading this book.

Use a bathroom designs idea to help you create that dream bathroom. Can I really design my own bathroom? Yes, design a bathroom and learn luxury bathroom design with this and related references.

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