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Bathroom floor tile and other bathroom flooring should be safe, water resistant and non-slippery. Classic bathroom floor tile, flooring made of rubber, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring and linoleum floors are all good choices for any bathroom - they are easy to clean, water resistant and safe.

If you are going to use natural stone, terracotta or ceramic tile on your floor to create a more sophisticated effect, make sure you buy the kind with a non-slip finish. Today you can also have heated floors in the entire house.

When considering bathroom floor tiles ideas, investigate the different materials.

Wooden flooring can work as it's easy to clean and attractive, but if not sealed well, it is vulnerable to moisture.

And be careful with rugs that can slide on a floor made of tile or natural stone. Rugs also can be a safe haven for dust mites and allergens which can be a problem for people with allergies.

If you want to have rugs in your bathroom, make sure you buy the kind that has backing made of rubber or add strips of rubber backing to the carpets to keep them from slipping when stepped on.

Types of bathroom floor tile are:

1 - Laminate tile - this type of tile is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures - some even are made to imitate wood, stone and ceramic.

This kind of tile is inexpensive, water resistant, it is very easy to install and maintain and it wears very well.

2 - Ceramic flooring tiles - these classic bathroom floor tiles were invented by the Egyptians about six thousand years ago.

Ceramic tiles can be somewhat cheap or they may be very expensive. This kind of tile is considered the classic bathroom floor tiles choice.

Ceramic tile is typically made of clay material, shale or porcelain. It is fired at temperatures that are very high until it becomes very hard. The longer and higher the temperature is maintained for the tile, the harder the tile becomes, also it's less porous.

If a white or cream-colored ceramic tile is being used for your bathroom, the use of a color grout like blue will provide a dramatic look for the bathroom.

Grout is the material that fills in the spaces between the tiles. Sealers must be applied to the grout lines in areas where there will be heavy wear such as counter tops. Sealers will also perform nicely and preserve the grout colors.

Glazed ceramic tiles are made exactly the same way as unglazed tiles, but they undergo an additional process. A glass wear layer is applied, then subjected to tremendous heat in a kiln. This process liquefies the glass and fuses it to the tile surface.

Glazes offer an unlimited array of beautiful colors and designs and create a surface that is practically stain proof.

While appropriate for uses that range from light residential use to medium commercial traffic, most glazed tiles are not considered suitable for heavy-duty commercial use.

There are a few glazes, thanks to recent technological advances, that are now hard and durable enough to stand up to the most demanding commercial applications.

Unglazed ceramic tile bathroom floor tile are simply baked pieces of clay whose colors are determined by the mineral content of the clay. These tiles are the workhorses of the industry. Generally thicker and denser than glazed tiles, classic bathroom floor tiles include products such as quarry tiles and porcelains.

The rugged surface texture and matte finish of these tiles give them good slip-resistant qualities for use in wet areas. The toughness of unglazed tiles make them ideally suited (but not limited to) extra heavy commercial installation.

Examples of unglazed tiles are quarry tiles, porcelain tiles and terracotta tiles which are handmade or machine-made. Ceramic classic bathroom floor tiles are often used because they are very durable, they resist moisture and they are safe to walk on when wet and ease of cleaning.

If you select this kind of tile, consider the possibility of using a slip-resistant surface. If you purchase unglazed tiles and install them, they will need frequent washing because they will most definitely absorb stains very easily.

Bathroom floor tile comes in all shapes, sizes, patterns and textures and they are the basis for any bathroom tile design ideas. Tile shapes can be these shapes - square, rectangle, hexagon and octagon shaped. Accent pieces should be both narrow size and small diamond shaped.

3 - Stone bathroom floor tile (marble tile, granite, brick, slate floor tiles, onyx, travertine and limestone) - very strong, wears very well in areas where lots of traffic exists, it is expensive but it will last you for a long time.

It is low maintenance, easy to clean, beautiful and sophisticated, but absorbs stains easily and becomes slippery if polished.

Stone is a cold material, and if this is an issue for you, during the winter, consider installing underfloor heating. Most modern stone floors can be installed over radiant electric or hot water heating systems, and once warm, the stone will hold the heat for a long time.

Stone, slate bathroom floor tiles and marble tile for a bathroom floor can be polished or finished to be formal, rough or rustic, depending on your decor.

4 - Hardwood bathroom flooring - you can build your floor with solid wood, hardwood long strip planks, bathroom floor parquet wood or engineered woods (3 to 5 layers of wood laminated glued together and high-tech materials, similar to plywood).

You should not install any hardwood floor on top of a vinyl floor or glued-down carpet. It should be removed first. Solid wood flooring should only be installed on the solid, flat and dry sub-floor.

Bathroom floor parquet is a geometrical pattern composed of individual wood slats glued in place or fastened mechanically. Most bathroom floor in laminate parquet can be installed with a special adhesive or glue-down method and once installed, the floor only needs to be wiped clean.

Bathroom floor parquet uses new laser-cutting techniques and creates designs like medallions, southwestern patterns, floral, fruits, Grecian, geometric patterns and different animals.

All these types of hardwood floors are wear-resistant, very attractive, comfortable to walk on, go well with any decor, easy to clean and to refinish, perfect for people with allergies and asthma and not very cold in the winter time.

However, it is more vulnerable to moisture if not sealed well. You can find wood floors in a wide variety of colors, patterns and species.

5 - Mosaic bathroom floor tile was an ancient craft that created beautiful tiles. These could be made of tile, porcelain, stone or colored glass and the result will be a stunning floor pattern.

These tiles are usually very small tiles approximately one or two inches square in size and usually they will cost a lot. If price is an issue, consider adding some of this type of tile to the floor or counter top to create a visual interest.

6 - Concrete bathroom floor tile is durable, low maintenance, perfect for areas that will be wet and can be very stunning. You can find this type of tile in textures that are shiny, rough, slick or sandpaper like and a variety of different colors and sizes should be readily available.

7 - Linoleum floor tiles are made of renewable and natural materials like linseed oil, ground cork, limestone, jute and wood flour.

This type of floor is making a comeback with new marbled, flecked solids and graphic designs and it is more durable than vinyl tiles.

New linoleum is very durable, good looking, has astonishing longevity, easy to clean, it is a hypo-allergenic and can be recycled.

8 - Vinyl tile offer a wide range of contemporary colors and designs. This all-synthetic plastic and resin-based floor uses extreme heat and pressure to sculpt the surface of the material or produce a certain type of texture.

This type of material is water and stain resistant, easy to install, flexible and easy to clean. A downside is that it is prone to denting.

9 - Bamboo flooring is one of the hottest trends in flooring today. It is very beautiful, elegant, durable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is technically a grass and it can be harvested in about five years.

Recognized as the fastest-growing plant on earth, bamboo offers 25 times the yield of hardwood and is much more sustainable and renewable.

Carpet is sometimes used in bathrooms because it is slip-resistant, warm, comfortable and you can select from a wide variety of colors and styles to match your decor. Carpet will absorb water in the bathroom, it will stain easily and it may not be easy to clean.

If you have allergies, installing carpet is probably the worst type of material to be used in your home. To select carpet that has been treated with anti-microbial chemicals to reduce microbes, bacteria and virus may be a good idea.

But these chemicals are probably not good for the health of your family and you. Wooden floors, bamboo, ceramic tiles, stone and concrete are the materials with the most longevity and durability. Vinyl, laminate, linoleum, ceramic and stone are the easiest to clean.

Books about classic bathroom floor tile and bathrooms floor tiles ideas.

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This book is a thorough guide to beautifying your floor, bathroom floor tile, slate floor tiles bathroom, bathroom floor ideas and bathroom floor parquet.

Who knew there could be so many choices available today! You will find this a valuable resource that is both educational and visually fascinating.

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