Learn 10 easy decorating bathroom ideas for your home.

Bathroom ideas should be fun, attractive, glamorous, modern and practical! Your bathroom should be an indulgent retreat with a large inviting tub, lots of storage, next to a walking closet and a spa-like atmosphere.

Bathroom ideas #1 - using light colors for your floor is a great idea because light colors reflect light, are more calming and traditional.

Colors such as red, yellow and blue are dramatic colors that can be used in children's rooms and possibly in high-tech decor.

If you want a contemporary décor, you may use colors like green, purple and orange which are called secondary colors.

If you want to add bright colors, do it with rugs, the shower curtain or with bath linens. Put your beautiful, colorful towels on display on towel rods to bring color and texture to your bathroom.

If your personality is bold...then be bold with your decorations. If you prefer serene and calm surroundings, you should use creams, camels, browns, soft greens, peach and lavender.

Bathroom suggestion #2 - showers should not just be something you do when you are in a hurry. The shower should be treated like it is a room within the bathroom itself.

For smaller spaces, you may need to use a shower that is installed over your bathtub to save space.

Make sure your shower is at least 36" x 36" - smaller than that will seem cramped to you every time you use it. Shower heads have many options with their fittings - they can spray, massage, soak and otherwise pamper you.

You have three types of shower head options:

•1- Fixed shower head - this is usually mounted on the wall or ceiling
•2- Hand showers - hand held device that directs water where you need it
•3- Combination of fixed shower head and a hand held spray.

When selecting a shower stall make sure it matches your bathroom decor and design. You should find shower stalls that have seats (for safety and comfort), tub-shower combination and showers with tops.

Bathroom ideas tile related #3 - bathroom floors should be safe, water resistant and non-slippery. Rubber flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl and linoleum floors are all very good choices for your bathroom - they are easy to clean, water resistant and safe.

If you are going to use natural stone or terra-cotta ceramic tiles on your floors, which creates a more sophisticated effect, make sure you buy the kind with a non-slip finish. Wooden flooring can also work and be attractive in your bathroom.

Be careful with rugs that can slide across a tiled floor or natural stone floor. Find rugs that have some rubber backing, or add rubber backing strips to the rugs.

Bathroom remodeling idea #4 - install faucets and shower heads with anti-scald devices with built-in temperature limiting valve.

This will prevent you and your family from mistakenly being burned by very hot water. These types of faucets are more expensive but the price is well worth the safety feature.

Faucets and shower heads finishes come in chrome, polished brass, antique brass and gold. Colored faucets and shower heads are also growing in popularity.

Chrome finish is the most popular and it gives your bathroom a more contemporary look - brass and gold are also beautiful but they will give your room a more traditional appearance.

Bathroom ideas #5 - install grab bars in your tub and shower areas and select a shower door made from safety glass.

It will be safer for your entire family, for the physically challenged and the elderly.

Do not use towel bars as grab bars! Towel bars are not strong enough to support the human body.

Grab bars are becoming an essential accessory in most bathrooms - you should use them if you are recovering from an injury or during your pregnancy and if you have elderly people in your house.

Bathroom ideas #6 - do not install your bathtub on a platform with steps. Position faucets where you can reach them from outside the tub. It will be much easier to control the water temperature and the water level if you are bathing a child or for the elderly.

Bathroom ideas #7 - keep dangerous medicines out of reach and out of sight. Consider selecting a medicine cabinet for your bathroom that has a lock. It will be safer if you have children. Read more about medicine cabinets here!

Bathroom ideas #8 - if you have a window in your bathroom that should be covered for privacy but do not want to block daylight, use window art glass or use a window film that looks like etched glass or other designs.

Venetian blinds or curtains are another option for your bathroom window that could add color and texture to your room.

Bathroom ideas #9 - today the trend is the creation of multi-purpose living space. If your room is large, consider including barbells, a stationary bike or a treadmill and a state of the art sound system.

Place lots of mirrors around the area to reflect light and extend the room. The mirrors will give you the sensation as if they were windows and will create a sense of openness, making the bathroom look larger.

Bathroom ideas #10 - most bathrooms cannot be used by people with disabilities. If someone in your family is in a wheelchair, you may need to add or make some of the following alterations - the toilet seat for wheelchair users is 17 to 19 inches (usual height is 14 inches).

There are two type of showers for people in wheelchairs for ideas for bathrooms:

• 1- the person can remain in the wheelchair while showering and they can wheel themselves in and out of the shower.
• 2- the shower contains a seat and the person wheels up to the shower and uses the grab bars to lift himself or herself onto the seat.

Recommended ideas for bathrooms reading

No matter what style home you have or are planning, you'll find many usable bathroom ideas in the following resource:

Bathrooms - Plan, Remodel and Build by Jerry Germer.

As one of the most important rooms in the home, the bathroom can be a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Whether you will be updating an existing bathroom or adding a new one, you'll find plenty of guidance here.

In the first part of the book, there are design ideas for master baths, powder rooms, family baths, kids' baths, and accessible baths.

Lavish color photography accompanies the consumer-friendly text on today's design trends, spa features, vanities, lighting, ventilation and the latest bath products and materials.

In the second section, you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do the work from floors to fixtures. These projects are supported with color photographs to help readers through the process from beginning to end - bathroom ideas.

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