Bathroom light fixtures can enhance the mood of your bathroom.

Lighting and beautiful bathroom light fixtures are vital and often overlooked in a bathroom. Bathroom lighting - natural and artificial - enhances the mood of your bathroom.

Your bathroom needs several types of bathroom light fixtures or artificial light:

1- Ambient or General Lighting - chandeliers, surface-mounted and recessed fixtures are the types of general lighting or fixtures that illuminate the overall area.

General lighting allows you to walk and see safely in the room.

Having several recessed spotlights works well and they can be installed near the dressing room, shower or tub and near the toilet so you can read.

If you have a large bathroom, you may wish to install more of these lighting fixtures.

This type of general lighting gives your bathroom the most illumination towards the floor, but it will produce more glare than the other types of lights.

Remember that direct light tends to reduce the shadows produced by diffused and indirect light - a combination of all types of bathroom light fixtures carefully placed will give the room the best results.

Suggestion: For safety purposes, fixtures used in your shower stall and for your tub should be designed for use in wet areas.

Do not place any type of fixtures within reach of someone that is using the tub or shower.

These type of bathroom light fixtures should be controlled by dimmers where you can change the intensity of the light for a relaxing feel when you are soaking in the tub.

2- Task Lighting - provides good light to a specific area where you are working or when you are doing specific tasks like shaving, putting on make-up or other types of grooming.

Task lighting in the bathroom vanity should come to you from recessed lighting above the vanity and from both the left and right sides of the mirror.

In other words, use wall sconces on both sides of the mirror or medicine cabinet and another light above the mirror and vanity.

3- Accent Lighting - these types of bathroom light fixtures are intended to create a certain visual drama, and they provide focus to selected details of the room or for a decorative touch.

Consider using track lighting for the purpose of spotlighting decorative objects or to provide you with the relaxing environment you want when soaking in the tub.

Most track lighting can be secured on the wall or ceiling, and the lamp holders are installed where you want them along the track. Track lighting is a very flexible type of fixture.

Suggestions: Add night lights to your bathroom for your trips in the middle of the night. Also, make sure you use dimmer switches on most of your bathroom light fixtures. You will be able to vary the brightness in your room, you will reduce your electrical bill and add drama to the room.

Suggested light fixtures and design reading

It doesn't matter what style home you have or want - general principles apply to good light fixtures planning, design and layout for every style home.

You will find excellent resources you may want to have to learn as much as you can about your lighting design and planning. Check them out!

Lighting - A Design Source Book by Elizabeth Wilhide and Ray Main.

Natural light and artificial lighting are important factors in any decor plan as well as the use of color and which objects are used and how they are arranged. Lighting is one of the important factors in determining how the space will influence our moods.

This book includes how to choose general lighting, task and decorative lighting and many other illumination sources that may be available in all rooms in the home.

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