Consider these do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas to improve your bathroom.

#1- Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

When possible, bathrooms should have access to natural light. One of the most dramatic do it yourself bathroom remodeling projects you can do would be to consider adding a window, a skylight or roof window.

Windows will provide natural light or perhaps a good view. Light will open up the space visually and will set the mood in the room. Natural light can be very uplifting in its effect on how you feel.

If you are going to install a skylight, make sure it can be opened easily for ventilation and that you get as much natural light as possible.

Besides natural light, most bathrooms need other manufactured light sources (artificial lighting) like recessed lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, etc...

Make sure you use all the lighting that it is placed in the bathroom.

For example, your recessed lights or wall sconces should be adjustable or directed towards a specific task or area.

Your tub and shower should also have some type of lighting, the most commonly used today are recessed lights or chandeliers - add all your bathroom lights to dimmer switches for relaxation and romance. To learn more about bathroom light fixtures go here.

#2- Do it yourself bathroom remodeling

A wall of glass block will allow soft, diffused natural light to enter the bathroom and it can be used as a divider or for privacy in the room, especially around the shower.

Glass blocks come in all kinds of styles, shapes, designs and patterns if you choose to use them. You could also use glass dividers or other types of materials for your bathroom.

If you decide to use the do it yourself bathroom remodeling idea of using a different type of divider for the room or shower, be sure it matches the decor and design.

#3- Bathroom remodeling ideas

Faucets are an important asset for your bathroom. You should be able to find center set faucets, widespread and single lever.

• 1- Center set faucets - have one spout with two separate valve (one valve for hot water and the other for cold water).

• 2- Widespread faucets - in this case, the two valves appear separated, one for hot water and another for cold water (the picture of the whirlpool has a widespread faucet).

• 3- Single lever faucets - one spout only with a single lever that controls hot and cold water.

Coordinate the finish of your faucets, tub, sink and shower with the other accessories such as towel bars, grab bars, door handles and knobs. It will make the space more attractive.

#4 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling

Toilets come in many beautiful colors, styles and shapes. You can find high tank toilets operated by a pull-chain or a toilet with the tank behind the base - two-piece toilet or one-piece toilet.

An important one of the do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas is - when buying a toilet, make sure you purchase one that is quiet (when you flush), dependable and does not use a lot of water. Conservation and utility expense should be a major concern today and will more than pay off in the long run.

When looking for toilets, bidets, sinks, tubs, showerheads and faucets - you can find them in contemporary, traditional, country and Victorian styles. Make sure you select the style that matches the rest of your bathroom.

#5 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

Mirrors are magical because they reflect light and make the room look larger. A framed large mirror with lighting on both sides over the vanity can be a beautiful addition.

You will need to decide if you want a full length mirror or if you want the mirror over the lavatory to be the only one. All of these decisions will depend on your budget - large and fancy mirrors can be expensive.

#6 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

Keep your bathroom with beautiful can find hanging candelabras, floor candelabras and crystal candelabras.

Buy scented candles and candle holders and place fresh flowers inside vases - doing so makes this room a very special place.

#7 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

Fill wicker baskets with soaps, sponges, bubble baths and loofahs. You can roll some of your colorful towels and place them in wicker baskets.

#8 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

The vanity can bring style to your room and at the same time provide storage space for your bathroom and an area for grooming.

You will find vanities in a variety of styles and designs and you should select your vanity based on what suits the decor. Vanities that combine drawers and doors for storage are the best.

If you buy a cheap vanity, you will be able to notice that the interior of the drawers is rough and the materials are often of low quality.

Use this link to learn more about do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas, vanity cabinets and recommended online suppliers.

#9 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

Whirlpools and spas are an incredible bathing and relaxing experience in modern life and are very popular today.

Whirlpools are made of the same materials as tubs and you can find whirlpools that match the colors of your fixtures.

Whirlpool tubs are more like bathtubs because you drain the water after each use. Whirlpool tubs can be as long as 84 inches - in general, the larger the tub, the higher the price.

If you prefer the large and deep type of whirlpool, be sure the bathroom is large enough to install one. Whirlpool tubs can provide you with a full body massage and give you the opulence and luxury of watching your favorite movie at the same time.

Some of these tubs have underwater lights that give several colors to the water, making the experience uplifting and even perhaps healing in a holistic way.

#10 Do it yourself bathroom remodeling ideas

Make sure you place your toilet tissue holder conveniently within reach of the person seated on the toilet.

The toilet tissue holder should be centered 24-26 inches above the floor.

There are two types of tissue holders:

• Flush-mounted on the wall

• Recessed into a wall - uses less space

Toilet tissue holders exist in several kinds of finishes - chrome, oak, brass, gold, nickel, stainless steel, etc.

Accessories include toilet tissue holder, towel holders, grab bars, soap dishes, tissue holders, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers and much more.

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