Here are bathroom safety facts for seniors, a safety product can help prevent accidents and injury!

Relevant bathroom safety facts for seniors can allow you to function more independently and reduce the chances of being hurt for all ages as well.

Using a product like a handicap commode and grab bars is important in certain situations! A bathroom safety product is especially important if you or anyone in your family uses a wheelchair, is pregnant or is recovering from illness or injury or is elderly.

Grab bars will help reduce the chances of being hurt in a slip and fall type accident in this room.

Grab bars should be mounted in your bathroom on reinforced walls next to your tub, bidet and commode for a safer bathroom.

Today, grab bars are part of most standard accessories in any bathroom.

Do not install towel racks in the place of grab bars. They don't work and towel racks cannot support your body weight safely.

Bathrooms for people with special needs require quite a bit more space, which can be a problem most of the time for many homes.

Another of the bathroom safety facts for seniors is to be sure that the shower stall does not have a threshold that could be tripped over.

The shower door opening should be at least 36 inches wide for the wheelchair person to enter and remain in the wheelchair while they shower.

Install shower heads and control valves at two different heights, or buy a hand-held nozzle so the person can use it while sitting in the wheelchair.

If the person is able to get out of the wheelchair to go into the shower, provide a seat in the shower and grab bars to give the person the assistance, stability and comfort necessary.

The toilet and shower seats for wheelchair users should be 17 to 19 inches above the floor (usual height is 14 inches). Your bath room should be at least 8 x 8 feet.

Doorways should be 3 feet wide according to standards, so the wheelchair can pass through and the doors should swing outward. A center space of 60 by 60 inches should be allowed for the wheelchair to turn around.

The shower stall needs to be at least 4 feet square and the opening to the shower 36 inches wide. Use a product like a seat, anti-scalding devices on the faucets and grab bars to hold on to for comfort and safety.

The sink should be installed 34 inches above the floor with 27 inches of knee space. Use a product such as slip-resistant flooring. Light switches and electrical outlets should be no higher than 42 inches above the floor.

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