Beautiful and functional, decorate your bathroom with bathroom sinks bath pedestal style sinks.

Bathroom sinks bath pedestal style are perfect in small bathrooms. If you're using a bathroom remodeling pedestal sink, it can be the appropriate choice for a wide range of decorating styles from classic to contemporary.

This style of sink can be the focal point of the room and will use very little floor space. The only disadvantage of using a bathroom remodeling pedestal sink is the lack of countertop space and limited storage.

These kinds of sinks are very popular and can be found in the traditional style called pedestal basin - the sink is attached to the wall and the base is the support that also covers the plumbing.

You should find the freestanding model gives the bathroom a clean, open and uncluttered look but provides no storage space.

If the space is limited, you can find corner, corner wall hung and corner vanity-mounted sinks. These are perfect in any small half bath or powder room.

You should be able to find a wide variety of pedestal sinks with bowls that are oval, round, rectangular, asymmetrical, large, small and some with hand-painted designs.

Most bathrooms should be kept clutter free. If you have a pedestal sink, add attractive baskets under it for extra storage, for example.

Bathroom sinks and bathroom sinks bath pedestal can be built from a variety of materials:

• Ceramic - these are durable but can crack or chip easily.

• Stainless steel - easy to clean and it is becoming more popular for bathrooms.

• Pewter, nickel or silver - beautiful, need to be cleaned frequently and difficult to maintain.

• Solid surface materials - durable, easy to maintain and they can be repaired when stained or scratched. These sinks can be manufactured as a one-piece countertop and in different colors, shapes and patterns.

• Vitreous china and porcelain - these are easy to clean but can chip or crack if something is dropped in the sink.

• Cultured stone - they are manufactured to look like marble or granite by mixing crushed stone with resins - faux stone. Easy to clean and durable.

• Enameled cast iron - these are strong, easy to clean and do not crack.

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