Use bathroom storage ideas and bathroom linen cabinets to organize and decorate your bathroom.

For bathroom storage ideas, you should purchase bathroom linen cabinets, a cupboard, an antique or vintage chest to store most bath supplies. You should consider having a place in this room for everything to reduce visual clutter and improve the appearance.

Near the toilet, for example, you will need a cabinet, self or basket for magazines, books and toilet paper. The sink should have a place for towels, washcloths, perhaps a medicine cabinet for medicines, toiletries, hair dryers, other appliances and first-aid supplies.

You should have several types of places to put things:

• Hooks, towels racks, towel rings and towel bars
Medicine cabinets,
• Open shelves on the walls,
• Tilt-out hampers or regular hampers,
• Toilet tissue stand,
• Magazine rack,
• Tub caddy, shower caddy or shelves for shampoo and conditioner,
• Linen cabinets, freestanding furniture over the toilet, in corners and other small spaces and built-in cabinets and shelves.

Your furniture also personalizes the space in the room. Good quality furniture is built in a way that keeps moisture from penetrating the wood.

You can buy wooden furniture, metal, fiberboard, glass or wicker furniture...make sure you select the material that best matches the decor of your home.

When planning places to put things, make a list of everything you want to have available on hand. If you shave or apply makeup at the vanity, for example, make sure you create space near the vanity for the supplies you will need.

Most bathrooms require a place for:

• Towels,
• Toiletries,
• Bathrobes,
• Shampoos,
• Soaps and liquid soap,
• Personal grooming items for each member of the family,
• First-aid supplies,
• Makeup and perfumes,
• Beauty creams,
• Medicines,
• Shaving supplies,
• Toilet paper,
• Magazines and books,
• Tooth brushes and toothpaste
• Hair dryers and
Cleaning supplies plus more.

All of this in the smallest room in the house!

Place towels and washcloths inside baskets, towel racks, linen cabinets or open shelves near the tub and shower.

A place for things in the shower is also important - soaps, shampoo, toys and so on. Create niches or open shelving slightly sloped for drainage to place these kinds of items.

Take into consideration who will be using this room. If you have children, create an area that can be hard to open for medicines, cleaning supplies and first aid items.

You may have to decide to install a child-proof latch or perhaps a special lock to keep the household chemicals out of the reach of children.

If you have an elderly person at home who is using a wheelchair, you may have to consider certain safety issues. Learn more about bathroom safety standards here.

If you have a large family and enough space, place a large hamper or several hampers in the room.

Most people have the habit of changing clothes in this room, and if you provide several bins that dirty laundry can be placed into, you will not have to make so many trips to the laundry room. Perhaps you can have the kids help you with this task.

Bathroom wall cabinets gives this room an up-to-date appearance while it helps you become organized. You'll have choices - the bathroom storage spacesaver and wall cabinet - all can be used as bathroom linen cabinets.

Review laundry storage items here. Learn about bathroom storage ideas and how bathroom cabinets will give you storage, while it helps you become organized...

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