Here are the types and styles for a bathroom vanity cabinet plus wood bathroom vanities available online.

A bathroom vanity cabinet is a very important part of the room's design. Not only is it important because it adds flair and elegance to your décor, but perhaps most importantly, its functionality is invaluable.

Vanities are especially useful for reducing clutter and storing things like extra toiletries, cosmetics and supplies. A bathroom vanity cabinet also provides countertop space for you to place often used items like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, mirrors, etc., for easy access.

Of course, the sink(s) and faucet(s) are also necessary components.

Adding wood bathroom vanities to the space is like adding a piece of furniture to the room which gives it style and sophistication.

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Perhaps one of the most important things in regard to this space is the amount of storage it provides. For small rooms, a bathroom vanity cabinet may be the only storage you have and therefore is doubly important.

With a large room, though, it's true that you might be able to have other cabinetry or furniture within the room itself (or a closet) to store things you need for handy access.

If your bathroom is often used by two people at once (such as spouses brushing teeth together a night or getting ready at the same time in the morning), then it may be wise to have a vanity with two sinks instead of just one.

Not only will this provide more storage, but it will allow two people to use the room at the same time and thus save both time and money, since one bathroom can be used by two people at once with no time wasted waiting for "your turn."

When planning your bathroom design, in general, you can find vanity widths that range from 18 inches to 48 inches or even wider.

A common online search is for a bathroom vanity cabinet 18 inch oak wood. Yes, these are available online.

If your vanity is 72 inches or wider, you can put in two sinks if you wish as discussed above.

When you're looking for a bathroom vanity cabinet or wood bathroom vanities, shop where you can find a wide variety of styles and sizes.

From traditional to country bathroom design and contemporary, home-improvement stores or other specialty stores generally have the most variety for you to choose from.

Many places also offer catalogs if you need to special order something. And of course, Internet shopping is a great way to find exactly what you want in a bathroom vanity cabinet. You can choose wood bathroom vanities made from real wood such as oak, walnut, maple or cherry.

Other less expensive options (but still quite attractive) are "wood-like" prefabs made from fiberboard. These look like wood bathroom vanities, but they're generally quite inexpensive by comparison.

Make sure you get a good quality version of these as well, though, since cheaper versions have finishes that can peel off in steamy rooms. No matter your preference, though, you can find something to fit almost any budget, décor or space requirements as needed.

You can choose a vanity cabinet from these general types:

• Cabinetry that can include a built-in wall cabinet, a vanity cabinet, extra closets (either freestanding or built-in), recessed cabinets or wall-mounted medicine cabinets.

• You can mount shelves either with or without doors on walls. These can be metal, wood or glass. Especially for small spaces, corner shelving is ideal as well.

• Shelves mounted over the toilet so that that extra wall area is used are especially useful in particularly small spaces.

If you wish, you can mount a painting or small wall decoration in that space as well for visual appeal.

• If you have the space, you can build linen closets that contain both shelves and doors. If you don't, you can use easy to put together kits that contain towers on wheels.

These towers can have shelving, pullout baskets, etc., and can be moved from place to place, so that they are very useful in a particularly small bathroom.

When you're looking for a bathroom vanity cabinet, there are generally two styles to choose from:

• A "frameless" vanity cabinet or European style cabinet is more "modern" or contemporary in design and will fit with a modern, sleek décor. In this case, cabinet boxes and hinges are both easily adjustable and hidden.

• A face-frame bathroom vanity cabinet is traditional and formal. The cabinet is framed and paneled doors cover the cabinet box. The hinges on the cabinet can either be hidden or visible.

To choose your bathroom vanity cabinet countertop, the style is basically limited only by your imagination and your budget.

You can choose from wood tops, ceramic tile, laminates, composite materials or solid surface materials such as concrete, stone, granite or stainless steel.

Such materials as composite materials, laminate materials, stainless steel and recycled materials like glass and paper are more susceptible to scratching but resist rust and moisture quite well.

Composite or solid surface materials are susceptible to steamy rooms and peeling, as stated earlier, but they are also easily replaced and affordable. Of course, a drawback here is that there is more waste, since replacing generally means that some of what you replace ends up in landfill.

If you have a bigger budget, you can use slate, marble, granite or stone countertops. However, these stain easily. You can also use ceramic tiles, but remember that these have grout that will need to be kept clean.

They can stain or mildew if they are not sealed properly and must be maintained. Wood, too, must be maintained properly and sealed. Concrete is heat resistant and durable, but it colors and cracks quite easily with extreme temperature changes.

Whether you're just making a few changes to your current bathroom or are entirely redoing it, this can be one of the most important projects you undertake.

It can add value to your home for relatively little money and can update your home décor relatively inexpensively, depending on the materials and fixtures you decide to use.

If you should ever sell your home, updating with a new bathroom vanity cabinet can increase your selling price for little cost. Before you buy your vanity, read up on what you want and decide what your budget is before you choose.

The Internet is a wonderful resource to start your research and of course, your local home-improvement store is a good source of information. Spending time planning and learning about your options is time well spent so that you get just the bathroom vanity cabinet you want in the end.

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