Five bathroom wall decor ideas for you!

#1 Bathroom wall decor - consider placing framed pictures, beautiful vanity shelves, wall hanging cabinets and cabinets above the toilet. Using framed art or pictures can give your bathroom more personality and add more interest to the room.

If possible, using the space above the toilet for a beautiful picture that you love is an excellent bathroom wall decor idea. Try it! Since most wall space is in short supply, you may have to decide between using this space for a favorite picture or using it for storage.

Make sure you don't place one of your best oil paintings or pictures in the bathroom since it will have a lot of humidity and that could damage your art pieces.

Prints or a bathroom wall mural are a better option for rooms where moisture is an issue.

Fill wicker baskets with soaps, candles, sponges, bubble baths and loofahs. You can roll some of your colorful towels and place them in inexpensive wicker baskets around the room.

Keep some of the large wicker storage baskets with towels near the tub and shower within easy reach.

#2 Bathroom wall decor - baskets, towel racks, hooks or towel rings near the shower, tub, bidet and sinks are necessary so you and your family can access towels and washcloths when needed.

Be sure when buying accessories that the finish matches the finishes of faucets and door hardware. You do not want to have brass accessories if your faucets are made of chrome, for example.

You should find accessories that match the towel bars. You will find 18", 24" and 30" towel bars, towel rings, vanity shelf, toilet paper holder and robe hooks for good decorating results.

#3 Bathroom wall decor - having sufficient storage cabinets and shelves is critical. These types of wall cabinets can be mounted above the toilet tank or other wall space that may be available.

Display corner shelves can be installed in a corner of a room to store and display ceramics, bath salts, shampoos, soaps, bath oils and candles.

These display corner shelves are decorative and can use frequently wasted space for your bathroom wall decor.

#4 Bathroom wall decor - if you are going to use soft or neutral colors on the wall and fixtures, consider getting attractive and colorful bath linens and bath mats. Doing so will create a nice contrast that you'll enjoy!

To use a lighter color or tone on the walls will also give you a sense of open space. Strong colors should be reserved for larger spaces.

Accessories can be the finishing touch, but make sure they complement the materials, fixtures and colors used on the walls and floors.

#5 Bathroom wall decor - having a large, beautiful mirror above a long vanity with two sinks with wall sconces on each side or recessed lighting is another idea for bathroom wall decor.

Mirrors reflect additional natural light into the room, making it appear larger and brighter and creating a sense of openness. And, of course, a good mirror is important for personal grooming needs.

If you don't want to install mirrors, you can buy and install 12" x 12" mirror tiles that can be attached to the wall with adhesive tabs.

If two or more people will use the room at the same time, you may want to have a cosmetic center in another space for grooming routines such as makeup and hair drying.

An armoire vanity with drawers may be a great idea to give you a place to put all your makeup, hair dryer and other items to reduce clutter. Read more about cosmetic centers, vanity sets and bathroom vanity cabinets.

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