Use bathroom wall storage cabinets and attractive wall mounted bathroom cabinets to organize your bathroom.

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets and bathroom wall storage cabinets are essential in this area of the house. What's so good about most wall mounted bathroom cabinets is that they can use what otherwise would be wasted space.

Bathroom wall storage cabinets are the best places for storing items above and below the sink, for example. Vanities with drawers and shelves or the cabinets above the vanity will give you accessible storage for the most regularly used items.

Your cabinets will provide you an out-of-sight place for your items and will define the decor style of the room.

Medicine cabinets can be wall-mounted or recessed anywhere in the room, and there's a wide selection of stock units to match any decor or style.

Medicine cabinets can be used to store small items that you use frequently. Some have a separate compartment that can be locked.

This is especially good to have when you have young children in the house. Your piece of mind and their safety will be well worth the additional expense.

If you are going to use open shelving, make sure you use it to keep your towels and perhaps for shampoo bottles.

Use trays, glass jars or wicker baskets for your beauty products, soaps and other accessories - this way, the space will be both organized and tidy.

Open shelving also works well when used in corners or to display your favorite collection. Hang wall mounted storage cabinets or shelving above the tub for soaps, towels, shampoo and other items you may use.

The wall space above the toilet can be used for cabinets above bathroom vanity storage of paper and cleaning supplies. Be sure when installing cabinets above bathroom vanity storage that they are above the head level of a seated person.

Built-in storage units in the bathroom are very practical so you can store your cleaning supplies, toiletries and most of your linens.

If you have a master bath, make sure you have enough storage for two people. Add a large vanity or two individual vanities so you can have enough drawer storage in the room.

Adding linen closets or built-in cabinets to your bathroom and having an efficient design will likely increase the value of your home with potential buyers.

Make sure the storage is easily accessible - if you have to stand on the toilet or stool to reach your supplies, this is not good...

Any bathroom storage higher than 4 or 5 feet from the floor is not recommended. Any storage higher than the recommended will be out of the reach of most people.

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