Bedroom space storage unit, bedroom storage ideas and tips on storage and bedroom cleaning.

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Make sure when remodeling this room that your bed becomes a beautiful, inviting retreat and focal point. Most beds take a great deal of space, but this does not mean that you have to ignore your options for this room.

Using a platform bed is a great option when you need extra space - this type of bed is available in several sizes and consists of a base and platform where the mattress rests.

The space underneath has sturdy drawers that can be opened easily and used for placing all kinds of items - clothing, shoes, bedding, books, towels and sports equipment.

Using a Murphy bed, sofa, bunk or loft bed will be a possibility for any home because they give you extra space and they work well in small apartments, houses or bedrooms.

A Murphy bed allows you to fold your bed into a cabinet or into the wall when you are not using it and it gives you all the floor space you need for other tasks during the day.

A loft bed can be used by kids, teenagers and adults that need to share a room. This kind of furniture is elevated and is supported by columns with drawers and built-in desk for your computer and shelves to be used for storing things.

Bedroom storage idea, bedroom space storage unit and easy tips on storage and bedroom organization.

If this room is small, you have the option of bedroom headboard storage.

Some headboards come with adjustable shelves and compartments for books, magazines, clocks and etc.

You should use underbed storage drawers, baskets or underbed boxes to store a lot of your clutter underneath the bed.

Built-in shelves, walk-in closets, nightstands, freestanding wardrobes, trunks, entertainment centers and built-in closets are beautiful bedroom space storage units that can be added to any room in your house.

Your bedroom can also have a beautiful fireplace, a sitting area for reading, drinking a glass of wine and relaxing. If your bedroom is very large, you may want to subdivide it into small areas with different functions.

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