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Blue pattern dinnerware is available from online suppliers in a variety of beautiful designs, patterns and sizes. Sets generally come in 10-piece, 12-piece, 16-piece or perhaps 20-piece sets and will list the specific items that will be included.

Here are blue pattern dinnerware sets for your information and enjoyment - as you see any designs below that interest you, visit the specific merchant to see and learn more. All items are guaranteed by these reputable merchants.

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Corelle Dinnerware 20-piece Coastal Breeze Dinnerware Set

Corelle Dinnerware 20-pc. Coastal Breeze Dinnerware Set, Blue Patttern Dinnerware

The graceful sea grasses design of Corelle's Coastal Breeze Corelle Dinnerware reminds you of ocean breezes and the sea air. The mixture of soft greens and blues on an off-white background with a soft ocean-blue rim combine to complement many kitchen decors - blue pattern corelle dinnerware.

The set includes four of each of the following - 10.25" Dinner Plate, 7.25" Salad or Dessert Plate, 18-ounce Soup or Cereal Bowl, 8-ounce Stoneware Cup and 6" Saucer.

Spode Imperial Choices Dinnerware icon


Come up with your own different version of a dining room table that's classic with Spode’s Imperial Choices blue pattern dinnerware. Imperial Choices features two patterns in complementary colors of blue, white and yellow and you can mix and match the various combinations.

A classic pattern with intricate, traditional designs done in rich blue/white is the best way to describe Blue Italian. Albany consists of a yellow, blue and white-banded floral pattern that goes well with the Blue Italian for an interesting combination. You can use a dinner plate in one version while the salad plate is in another pattern. Made of Spode’s Classic Imperial Ware China.

Corelle 16-piece Bands Blue Pattern Dinnerware Set

Corelle 16-pc. Bands Dinnerware Set, Blue Pattern Dinnerware

This colorful band of blue, green and gold stripes on a white background goes well with the 'Dots' design. Made by Corelle, this long-lasting, durable product can be used every day and is completely safe for dishwasher and microwave.

The 16-piece set comes with settings for four that includes Dinner Plates, Bread/Butter Plates, Soup or Cereal Bowls and Beverage Cooler.

Corelle Dinnerware Pattern 16-piece Bahia Set

Corelle 16-pc. Bahia Blue Pattern  Dinnerware Set

This casual and classic Corelle dinnerware features lively scrolls of ocean blue that lap the border of this white and blue pattern dinnerware. You will love having this set in the kitchen.

Use it every day - it's microwave or dishwasher safe and will look great for years. It consists of 16 pieces and includes settings for four with these items - Dinner Plate, Bread and Butter Plate, Soup or Cereal Bowl and Mug.

Corelle 16-piece Classic Café Dinnerware Set, Blue

Corelle 16-pc. Classic Café Dinnerware Set, Blue pattern dinnerware

This set by Corelle reminds you of something you might see at a French bistro. Simple lines on a fresh white backdrop mean it is suitable for coordinating with other patterns or with plain white serving pieces.

Very durable - use every day and put in the microwave or dishwasher. This set is 16 pieces and includes settings for four - Dinner Plate and Salad Plate, Bowl and Stoneware Mug.

Corelle 20-piece Mediterraneo Dinnerware

Corelle 20-pc. Mediterraneo Blue Pattern Dinnerware Set

Uses colors from the sea and sky in the Mediterranean. The bold scroll pattern gives this dinnerware a hand-painted look. It is durable enough to use every day, even with children. Safe to cook with in the microwave or clean with the dishwasher.

This set is 20 pieces and includes four-place settings - Dinner Plate, Salad or Dessert Plate, Bowl, Stoneware Cups and Saucers.

Corelle 20-piece Vintage Dinnerware

Corelle 20-pc. Vintage Blue Pattern  Dinnerware Set

• Remember those fabulous Sunday dinners and the fine china at Grandmother's house?
• Blue pattern dinnerware works well for either formal or casual dining.
• Has service for four - dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, soup bowls or cereal bowls, cups/saucers.

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