Book lights are essential to read your favorite books.

How lighting is placed in your home is also crucial - learn more information about books on light and different light books.

Book lights, recessed lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lighting, kitchen lights, landscape and outdoor lighting are all different types of artificial light fixtures that you can use in your house.

Most homes require lots of natural and artificial illumination for a pleasant environment. General, task, ambient and accent lighting all contribute to the wonderful and relaxing mood that can be created in most social areas of your home.

Task lighting that is recessed, pendant lights, book lights, floor lamps, table lamps and undercounter lighting can be used throughout the home for specific tasks like reading, cooking, sewing, computer area, game table and much more...

Fulcrum Multi-Flex LED Task Book Lights, Silver

• Book lights for reading and people traveling.
• Is both adjustable, rechargeable and portable.

Books on light and different light books for your home!

Codes Book and Guide for Interiors by Sharon Koomen Harmon, Katherine E. Kennon

This book on light covers most code standards for interior projects and regulations related to design in your house.

Learn more information about books on light, different light books, lighting, home decor and much more for your home.

Complete Lighting Design: A Practical Design Guide for Perfect Lighting by Marilyn Zelinsky

Here is a book that covers modern lighting fixtures, style and design plans for every room in the house. Learn more information about books on light, book lights, different light books, home decor and much more for your home.

Lighting: A Design Source Book by Authors Elizabeth Wilhide and Ray Main

Lighting is as integral a factor in any interior design plan as color, art work, objects and arrangement. Illumination is a central factor in how any space affects our moods.

Interior Lighting by Author Gary Gordon

Natural and artificial illumination is an important design element in any home.

With these books on light and book lights, learn to use the different types of fixtures for each room in the house.

Outdoor Living: The Ultimate Project Guide

This book covers decks, ponds, paths, outdoor living and outdoor lighting for your backyard.

Designing with Light by Victoria Meyers

Meyer looks at recent developments in the science of light, giving an overview of the history of illumination in architecture and demonstrating how the use of light in film, theater and art has influenced light’s use in architecture.

Meyers goes on to discuss how light creates architectural features such as color, line, and form and how architects strive to control light through glass, windows, skylights and the manipulation of shadow and reflection.

Outdoor Rooms: Designs for Porches, Terraces, Decks, Gazebos by Julie D. Taylor

Detailing Lighting: Integrated Lighting Solutions for Residential and Contract Design by Jean Gorman

This lighting book provides state-of-the-art design explanations and illustrations of successful installations.

Energy-Efficient Building Best of Fine Homebuilding by Fine Homebuilding Editors

Learn how to make your home more energy efficient by adding more insulation and improving your heating and cooling bills.

The Landscape Lighting Book by Janet Lennox Moyer

Lighting: Simple Solutions for the Home by Sally Storey

Organized room by room, this generously illustrated guide offers creative solutions for a wide range of needs.

This lighting book will show you how to make the small changes that can make a big difference in your home.

Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide by Randall Whitehead

These books on light and different light books provide an explanation of modern techniques of designing plus applications that have been proven in actual installations.

Photos that illustrate the before/after plus daylight/night comparisons will show you how the layering of light uses the four functions - task, accent, decorative and ambient lighting - to illuminate both interior and exterior areas.

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