Buying land tips and buying land guide - what are considerations for finding land for your log home or log cabin?

Buying land tips and buying land guide - for many people, finding land for their dream log home or log cabin can be the biggest obstacle and the most difficult task.

Once you start making your dream a reality, consider the following points about the area that interest you:

• If you decide that you want to live in a rural area, you will have to consider other factors and costs - for example, you may have to build a road to your property, a septic tank and a well. And what about electricity, telephone service and so on...

• If you buy property that's in a developed community, the property will cost more but you will receive the benefits of solving potential problems for your building site.

You won't have to create paved roads, install electrical lines, water, sewer and phone services. These will likely exist in the development already, which is great.

• Buying land tips and buying land checklist include making sure you have chosen your log home or log cabin site for its natural beauty.

Your log home or log cabin should have easy access to the outdoors and to the wonderful views from the inside. A log cabin or log home ADDS to the land but never dominates it.

• If you are looking for land around urban areas, it will probably be more expensive and will have more zoning restrictions.

• Check with the town zoning board or building department to see if there are going to be any major building developments planned for the future.

Try to find out what residential developments are being planned, perhaps factories or highway expansions that could affect your decision on buying land. These are questions to ask realtors as well.

• Decide how much land you want. Decide if you prefer a wooded lot or one that's open, flat or sloping?

• Find out how busy or congested the roads or highways are leading to the area you want. And do the roads provide an enjoyable drive?

• Does the area have a lake, stream, river or ocean nearby? This may be important in your decision.

• Find out if you have public water or if you will need to dig a well, which is costly. If you have to dig a well, try to do it near a lake or pond.

• What supplies do you have available in the area. Where is the nearest gas station, lumber store, hardware store and food market. You need this information to organize your future home.

• Don't forget taxes...what kind of taxes will you have to pay?

• Make sure you check if the people around the area are friendly and willing to help... It makes life a lot easier...

• Is the property available at the price you can afford?

• You may also want to find out how far is a hospital from the area, or how far do you want your site to be from your workplace.

• Are there hard-surface roads close by? You will need some kind of access to your building site and you don't want to be the person building one...

• For your utilities, make sure you know the closest utility pole to your future house.

• Some clearing may be necessary, even if you want your log home or log cabin to be in a wooded area.

More buying land tips - ask questions as you drive around the area. Talk to local people or anyone you run into. You can learn a lot from people around and word of mouth. Buy the local newspaper and see what is available.

Place an ad in the local paper and run it for a month to see if you can find and buy what you are looking for. Make appointments with local brokers, realtors and property owners to see what is available. Refer back to the information above on questions to ask realtors in the area that interests you.

Check with people that work in local restaurants, gas stations and supply stores to see if they know of property available in the area. Look through local real estate magazines and newspapers. Don't forget the has good real estate searching available.

Another of the buying land tips and buying land checklist if you have the time is - visit the properties you are interested in during the different seasons. You may be surprised at how different the land looks in different seasons of the year.

Once you have completed the buying land stage, you'll be able to design your dream log home or log cabin to fit YOUR site. Good luck on this very important part of the home building process.

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