Why use the cabin kit modular system of building modular log cabin homes...

Using the cabin kit modular way of building modular log cabin homes simply means constructing the structure using modular cabin kits in a controlled environment. The term modular refers to a system of building and assembling the various components similar to the automobile industry.

The modular log cabin homes kit are fabricated in a factory, then transported to the site by truck. The kits are then unloaded with a crane and assembled on the foundation that has been built for them.

Modular cabin kit construction is sometimes thought of as mobile home construction. While the mobile home industry uses the factory assembly line to build mobile homes, log cabins built in modules are NOT mobile in any way once they are in place!

Are there advantages to modular log cabin homes construction?

Since the modular log cabin kit homes are constructed indoors, weather delays are not an issue. Once the modules arrive at the site, 'dry-in' happens very quickly.

Cabin kit modular construction can be less expensive due to the efficiency and organization of the producer. Savings of 5-20% are possible over a site-built structure.

Modular cabin kit building can be faster. While the kits are being constructed by the producer, the building site and structure's foundation can be made ready when everything arrives.

What are the steps to take to have modular log cabin homes?

The first step to take is to select your kit producer. Searching online is the fastest way to see what's available. Most of the cabin kit modular manufacturers that have been in business for a number of years have websites.

As part of selecting your producer, you'll need to choose the building plan that you want. Most producers can make changes to their plans for you if you want.

These two steps are the most important. Once you've made your choices, you will need to work with your producer to organize the project's scheduling and coordination.

What about the building permit? What needs to be done at your site? Who will assemble your cabin kit once it arrives and so on... Besides online, sources of these style homes can be found in the better industry magazines.

Modular log cabin kit recommended books and reading...

Log Construction Manual - Guide to Building Hand Crafted Log Homes by Robert Wood Chambers.

This book covers laying out the logs, king post bottoms and centers, sill logs, mitered joinery, scribe setting, interior and exterior log walls, plate logs, backing angles, cutting roof pitch, finished ceiling materials, rafter thrust, log gables and log trusses.

And there's handcrafted log homes, log valleys, builders of log homes, particular trusses, log shrinkage, butt diameters, ceiling peak, bracing of purlins - modular log cabin kit and construction information for the serious builder.

The Modular Home by Andrew Gianino.

Dispelling misconceptions about modular homes and their limitations, the author shows how a modular home can be as good as or even better than homes built using traditional stick-frame construction methods.

From choosing a dealer, working with a builder, selecting your floor plan, choosing the customized details and even planning the landscaping.

The emphasis is on using top quality materials and cost effective measures to be sure that you get your dream home at a great price.

This reference can even be useful for anyone already in the business or looking to get in as a dealer, manufacturer, designer or specialized builder - cabin kit modular construction information.

The A - Frame by Author Chad Randl.

The A-Frame was the way of leisure building in postwar USA. And it's easy to understand why this style of building became so popular.

The A-frame is easy to build, it's an affordable home to construct, the steeply sloped triangular roof is very distinctive and so easy to maintain and there are few exterior walls to paint!

The A-frame way of building embodies recreation, practicality and leisure. Even though the origins of A-frame go back thousands of years, building this way is as modern as there is - learn more about this popular way to build - A-frame modular log cabin homes.

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