Here are decorating childrens bathrooms ideas for you.

Decorating childrens bathrooms ideas can be a fun and rewarding experience for both your child or children and you. The primary concerns for bathrooms and children should be safety and durability while at the same time being colorful and fun.

The best bathroom will be suitable through the various stages of childhood. For childrens bathroom themes and decor, if the bathroom is only for one child, the design should be easy.

Bathrooms used by more than one child will be more complicated because you need to consider their gender, their ages and will they be using the bathroom at the same time.

Childrens bathrooms should have plenty of cubbies and storage and also be colorful. You should consider their safety as well as durability of the fixtures and materials when planning the bathroom.

If you have several kids using the same bathroom, a wall or half wall between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom may be a good idea.

Avoid slippery floor materials or high-gloss flooring finishes.

If you want to have tiles, use the smaller sizes because they will be less slippery or use slip-resistant tiles - this would be a tile with a non-slippery matte finish.

Use area rugs in front of the sink and tub/shower. Make sure the rugs have a rubberized, slip-resistant backing.

If you decide that you want to use standard fixtures or vanities for the bathrooms themes and decor, lower the counter or vanity to 24 inches or so for easy access.

An even better option would be to get a stepping stool so they can easily reach the sink and you don't have to remodel the bathroom vanity, when your kids grow up.

Towels bars, rings and hooks should be placed low enough so that they can be easily reached by the child. You can raise them later as they are growing up.

Locate some of the towel bars or towel rings within a few inches from the entrance to the shower or bathtub. This way, they can easily and safely reach the towel and exit the tub or shower while being wet. Successful childrens bathrooms design will consider installing faucets and shower heads with anti-scald devices.

These are inexpensive safety devices with a built-in temperature limiting valve that blocks an abrupt rise in water temperature.

These faucets can be programmed by you to a specific temperature.

When selecting faucets and handles, make sure they are easy to use and have rounded edges.

Another easy option to prevent your young ones from getting burned with hot water is to set the thermostat on your water heater to no higher than 120 degrees.

This way, your water will be hot enough but will not burn anyone. Water heaters are often set for 150 degrees F which can give your child a third-degree burn.

Be sure your electrical switches and lighting fixtures are away from all the water sources. You may need a light fixture above the tub or shower stall...make sure it is not within the reach of anyone.

Lighting fixtures, receptacles and electrical switches are required to be grounded and protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (these are also referred to as a GFCI).

Another great way to understand successful decorating childrens bathrooms ideas is to see actual products that are appropriate to include in your child's bathroom.

Childrens bathrooms ideas accessories and childrens bathroom borders for their bathroom!

Consider using colorful wallpaper or wall border that is appropriate for your child's age. This way you can replace the border or wallpaper as your child matures.

Use non-breakable childrens bathroom accessories and bathroom borders and drinking tumblers in kids bathrooms and make sure they are easily accessible for them.

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