Construction school websites and find a log cabins building school plus building log cabins info.

You can find a good construction school for creating these kinds of cabins and homes. Particularly useful are the schools that will teach you about building hand hewn log cabins, how to build foundation for log cabin and related log cabin building classes.

This kind of school may offer a weekend seminar, one week cabin building classes, two week classes or longer. Learn more by visiting the school websites - thousands have benefited from attending the building construction school classes.

These kinds of homes have sure come a long way. Here are some tips to help you plan and build your own cabin home.

Attending a construction school may be a good idea if you'll be doing a lot of the work yourself.

Construction school, log cabin building classes, log cabin lesson plans and cabins building school info - finding this kind of information can be done on the school websites above.

You may be able to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by building part or all of your dream home or cabin, depending on your skills. Attending a good construction school can be a fun, educational and economical way to have your home or cabin.

What about building hand hewn log cabins.

Building hand hewn log cabins will create a very special kind of cabin structure. Learning from experienced building pros is available through several resources - here they are:

How to Build and Furnish a Log Cabin by W. Hunt

Shows you how it is possible to build a genuine cabin with the appropriate hand tools and trees around you.

In colonial times, hand tools were used for building durable and protective cabins and homes. Building hand hewn log cabins in a similar way is still possible.

The first part of the book gives step by step instructions for building three different size cabins - a one room, a one room with a lean-to and a three room cabin.

By following the instructions on each step of this kind of construction school in a book - selecting the site, clearing the land and how to build the foundation...you'll be led step by step through the process and will know exactly what to do to create your own cabin.

Log Home Plan Book Favorite Plans, Decor and Advice by Cindy Thiede, Heather Mehra-Pederson

This book is 128 pages with 125 color photos and 30 floor plans.

These fabulous plans are the favorites of architects and builders selected from all over the United States.

The book consists of much more than sketches of great homes. Every one of the floor plans is illustrated with beautiful color photographs of the interiors as well as the outdoor landscaping.

By seeing both plans and photographs together, you'll enjoy what you will learn from the professionals who know so much about creating a dream log home.

Log Home Project Planner by Jim Cooper.

A complete practical workbook including instructions, forms and worksheets for managing any project from beginning to end.

This book includes usable forms for requesting bids, preparing a detailed cost estimate and scheduling construction activities.

Written to be used by owner-builders and persons with limited construction management experience. Jim Cooper is a former general contractor and author of the best-selling book Log Homes Made Easy.

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