Thermometers for cooking - find cooking thermometers for various uses in the kitchen.

Thermometers for cooking?

You can find all kinds of cooking thermometers for your kitchen:

• Digital,
• Candy,
• Chocolate,
• Meat,
• Oven,
• Grill,
• Deep-fat thermometers,
and many more...all available online.

Meat thermometers for cooking are a great tool to read the temperature of the meat while cooking so that you can be certain of when it has reached the perfect degree of doneness.

The dials on high quality meat thermometers indicate the temperature, but some have a scale indicating at what degree each type of meat (beef, lamb, pork, etc.) is done.

There are instant cooking thermometers that take the reading in just a few seconds - these are inserted into the meat toward the end of the cooking time.

Meat thermometers come with one or two-inch dials, usually measuring from 0 degrees (sometimes 100 degrees) to 220 degrees F.

Look for those with thin probes, which make smaller holes in the meat and therefore allow less juices to escape. Always insert a meat cooking thermometer as near to the center of the meat as possible, avoiding the bone area.

Oven thermometers are very useful and they are designed to give you oven temperatures. Mercury oven thermometers are the most accurate and reliable. Very often the cheap kind you buy in the supermarkets will give you erroneous and inaccurate readings.

Candy thermometers - these are used for testing the temperature during the preparation of candy, syrups, jams, jellies and deep fat.

Make sure your unit registers from 100 degrees to 400 degrees F to be a good candy thermometer.

Many of these kind have adjustable hooks or clips so it can be attached to a pan. There are dual-purpose versions with readings both for candy and deep fat.

Chocolate thermometers - chocolate melts best at temperatures between 104 and 113 degrees F (40 and 45 C). Never melt chocolate directly over a heat source as it tends to both scorch and to stick.

Use an indirect heat source like a hot water bath so the chocolate reaches a temperature of 104 to 113 degrees F (40 to 45 C). This is the perfect temperature to begin tempering the chocolate. Add cooking thermometers and timer to your kitchen tools!

Cooking models will help you to "serve no meat before its time" and they are ideal to use with roasts and rotisserie foods. Digital fork cooking thermometers with probe also take the guesswork out of roasting and grilling.

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