Use patio copper fire pits for outdoor cooking, warmth and beauty.

Using outdoor copper fire pits are a fun and practical way to enjoy your deck, patio or backyard. A good glass of red or white wine or beer, a comfortable wicker sofa and a nice toasty fire will warm up your heart and do wonders for your state of mind.

Outdoor fire pits are an irresistible return to the American frontier. Some backyard fire pits can be used to burn both wood or charcoal.

Some of these backyard pits can be used to cook food, to chill drinks or as a planter for flowers or plants.

A safety lid and protective screen can be purchased separately if you want. Using screens fire bowls protection means you'll have a safer patio or grilling area.

Cooking with copper fire pits wood burning style means you can roast marshmellows, hot dogs or kebabs anytime you want - and they'll taste great! Find here quality copper grill and firepit outdoor firebowls that are available online.

What about cleaning copper fire pits?

Cleaning copper fire pits can be accomplished using any number of commercial copper cleaners. The problem is - these copper cleaners are caustic and must be handled very carefully. Make sure the cleaning area is well-ventilated and follow the handling directions carefully.

There are safer and effective natural ways for cleaning copper fire pits and any other copper items as well.

One way is to make a paste of vinegar, flour and salt. Just brush or rub it on, leave it alone for a while, then rinse it off with water.

The acid in the vinegar causes the tarnish to dissolve and to do so safely. Deeply tarnished units may need more than one treatment.

Another simple and effective way for cleaning copper fire pits is to rub tomato ketchup over the copper, let it sit, then rinse off with water. The acid in the tomato is the active agent for cleaning copper fire pits this way safely.

Sojoe 32SM Star and Moon Steel Fire Pit

• Enjoy a romantic fire on your deck or in your backyard with these copper fire pits.
• For your backyard with steel spark screen - fire pits wood burning.
• Unique firepit that can be used if you go camping, cooking in your backyard or to the beach.
• Dimensions for unique firepit are 29 inches long x 18 inches high.

Landmann Scroll Series 30-Inch Copper Fire Pit with Spark Guard

• Create a special evening around a cozy fire on your patio or back lawn.
• These units are hand-made using 100% recycled copper with legs and grill made from wrought iron.
• Dimensions - 30" fire bowl diameters.

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