Here are corner fireplace design ideas and corner fireplace pictures for you...

Two of the most common situations appropriate to use corner fireplace design ideas would be if your room is small or if you are using a Southwestern-style fireplace.

Southwestern-style fireplaces are often installed in a room's corner. And in a smaller room, locating the fireplace in a corner may provide you with the maximum usable space left over for other needed furnishings.

There are many factory-built fireplaces that are made to accommodate corner fireplace design placement.

If your ceiling height is high, consider adding a period-appropriate ceiling fan in the room. That way, the ceiling fan can be used to gently force the warm air that's near the ceiling back down toward the floor level.

Here are interesting corner fireplaces with corner fireplace pictures and related products available online. Seeing online pictures of corner fireplaces gives you ideas that may be right for your home - enjoy!

Safe, Clean Electric Corner Fireplaces icon


Enjoy the warmth of a real fire anywhere in the house! These electric corner fireplaces and wood stove are vent-free and need no hookups – corner fireplace design. Electric corner fireplaces use a 1,350-watt heater and a quiet fan to disperse warm air evenly.

Heritage Corner Fireplace Designs

Heritage Fireplace

• Made from plantation grown pinewood, this traditional Heritage corner fireplace design features elegant lines that will add to any decor.
• Includes firebox, fireplace grate, stone log, lava rock and two cans of fuel.

Pillar Corner Fireplace Design

Pillar Fireplace

• Made from plantation grown pinewood, this unit features soft, elegant lines. No chimney is needed and this corner fireplace design and can be moved from room to room.
• Design is safe and you will not get odors or bugs coming in from the chimney. Includes firebox, fireplace grate, stone log, lava rock and two cans of fuel.

Gel Fuel Corner Fireplace Pictures

Gel Fuel Corner Fireplace Pictures - Fuel Sold Separately

• All you need to do is assemble this free-standing fireplace sit back and enjoy the beautiful corner ventless fireplace.
• Corner fireplace design has no chimney or ventilation is needed and fits into the corner of your room.
• A great way to add style and comfort to your room.

Fatwood for Fireplaces icon


Fatwood burns with an intense heat and makes fires get going quickly, even if your firewood is damp. Ideal to use in wood stoves, campfires or fireplaces. Pre-split into convenient 8" long pieces.

Bellows and Hook icon


These bellows are functional and beautiful and will help you keep the fires glowing. Feed air to the flames out of the expandable bladder, boosting the combustion in wood fires with this widely-used fireplace accessory.

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