Here are corner fireplace mantles and fireplaces for your home!

Corner fireplace mantles and corner fireplaces are especially appropriate for smaller rooms or for the Southwestern style of decor.

If you'd like to have a place to enjoy a cozy fire indoors, you'll have many selections to choose from as to different styles, finishes, colors and types. And if you already have your fireplace, adding a mantle should be relatively easy.

Corner fireplace mantels and fireplaces can either be designed to fit in a room corner or for an external corner (right or left corner styles).

Both styles are shown below in the corner fireplace pictures on this page.

You can even find a beautiful unit that burns clean, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly gel fuel that eliminates unpleasant smoke, odors and fumes.

Many of these products come with a decorative cement log unit, firebox and a screen kit.

Check out the products shown here - these are good examples of attractive and functional fireplaces and mantels that may well work for your home.

Ventless Jelled-Fuel Fireplaces Corner Cabinet Mantel with Base icon


• Heritage corner fireplace mantle.
• Cabinet mantel with base.

Woven Tool Sets icon


• Iron fireplace tool sets feature hand-forged traditional shepherds-crook handles, a twisted stand and a natural dark gray color.
• Each set includes these four useful tools - poker, tongs, shovel and broom - each with its own forged hanging hook.

RealFlame Clean Burning Fuel


RealFlame is an environmentally-friendly wood burning substitute that produces no smoke, no odors or ashes. A single can burns for as long as 3 hours and can be shut off, then relit any time you want. 24 thirteen-ounce cans come in a case.

Heritage Fireplaces

Heritage Fireplace

• These elegant, traditional Heritage fireplaces require no chimney, no wood or expensive gas or electrical connections. Heritage units use clean-burning RealFlame fuel.
• All units are portable and can be moved from room to room. Each unit comes with firebox, grate, stone log, lava rock plus two cans of fuel.

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