Country bookshop with country books, country decorating ideas, log home books and how to decorate room by room in a country style.

Country bookshop - so you want to create a home that is warm, inviting, happy, informal, relaxing and of course, romantic...

Use the country bookshop below to help you do all the above! Perhaps you are searching for rustic and cabin and kitchens ideas. Or maybe you want to learn more about old english rustic fitted kitchens and ideas for creating that kind of decor.

Select the country book or books below that you feel will provide you the information, ideas and inspiration to create the home you've dreamed of. When the books arrive, curl up in a cozy chair and enjoy the photographs and information you will learn from professionals.

Remember, you want to learn from others and get ideas that are appropriate for your particular situation. Then, take that knowledge and create YOUR own style that reflects your tastes, personality and preferences.

Cottage Style Decorating by Author Cynthia Overbeck Bix

This resource covers what type of colors you should use in your home, fabrics and other accessories. It will help you decorate room by room and also has lots of photographs for inspiration.

Colors for Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors by Author Leatrice Eiseman

Learn how to create a positive mood in each room of your home with color, including your office. This book teaches you how each color affects how you feel and how it relaxes you.

Comfortable Country by Authors Enrica Stabile, Christopher Drake

This reference is about how comfortable this style is, whether you use traditional country or less formal and contemporary forms of this kind of decor.

Learn how to decorate using your own kind of style, with room by room discussions.

Country Property Dirt Cheap: How I Found My Piece of Inexpensive Rural Land by Author Ralph C. Turner

Country bookshop - learn how to identify and locate potential sellers in the countryside, property values, real estate auctions and how to find bargains anywhere you live.

Decorating Junk Market Style by Authors Sue Whitney, Ki Nassauer

Sunshine, outdoors and nature are all part of the style and flavor. This informative resource shows you how to find great vintage furniture that will help you decorate your home.

Flea Market Decorating: Create Style with Vintage Finds by Author Vicki Ingham

Country bookshop - learn how to select good antiques, how to restore different pieces of furniture that you find in flea markets or thrift stores.

This resource is published by Better Homes/Gardens Books and it covers how to incorporate these vintage findings into each room of your home.

French Country at Home by Author Kathy Passero

This French country book discusses style, fabrics and French style furniture.

French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Christopher Drake

Country bookshop - with lavish use of photos, you will find that you are shown the beautiful style of the French countryside.

Learn more about French country style furniture, kitchen styles and the overall style of French Provence decorating.

The Guide to Home Decorating Indian Style by Priscilla Kohutek

The New Cottage Home: A Tour of Unique American Dwellings by Jim Tolpin

History, architecture and the craftsmanship of the north American cottage - country bookshop.

The Modern Quilt Workshops: Patterns, Techniques, Designs by Authors Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle.

This country book contains 15 different quilt projects, discusses fabrics, color selections, quilt techniques and design from the Funquilts Studio.

Mary Emmerling's Romantic Country - Style That Is Straight from the Heart by Mary Emmerling

A country book with American country style ideas, country primitive decorating ideas and cottage country ideas with 250 photographs and design concepts.

New Cottage Style by Better Homes and Gardens

Country bookshop - this book helps decorate and remodel your home cottage style.

New French Country - A Style and Source Book by Linda Dannenberg, Guy Bouchet

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