Find here country decorating magazines with rustic country decorating ideas and country house decor.

Country decorating magazines can be helpful when decorating your home.

Country house decor has changed over the years...today you can use any color combinations you want, it can be casual, modern, retro and comfortable, it can be formal and traditional if you wish, eclectic and perhaps rustic...depending on your taste and what type of budget you have.

If you have a great deal of antiques and vintage pieces, flea market finds, old colorful plates, mismatched china pieces, old quilts, American Indian rugs, old pottery, candles, hutches, wall cupboards, antique open shelving...any of these items will work wonderful in country house decor.

The kitchen is likely the hub of any home. Home life centers around the kitchen, eating together, cooking, entertaining and relaxing. White, blue, green, yellow, different shades of red and earthy tones are all great colors for your kitchen.

In these styles of kitchens, use old kitchen cabinets with aged surfaces mixed with other types of unfitted furniture like open hutches, cupboards, pie safe cabinets and other open shelves for storage and to display your best collections.

Kitchen cabinets can be painted or decorated with wainscoting. This style kitchen should have a fireplace or a wood-stove.

Fireplaces in the old times, where used for cooking and warm up the room and family at the same time. Fireplaces can be made of natural stone, brick and wood.

More formal kitchens could have wooden beams that can be left natural, painted or ornamented with stencil patterns. Formal country furniture and architecture can have elaborate carved pieces made of exotic woods, more granite and marble and fine china with beautiful crystal stemware.

Country Sampler Magazine

• Country home decorating magazines with traditional country styles and rustic country decorating ideas.
• Country home magazine features articles about decorating, shopping, recipes and do-it-yourself projects.
• These country decorating magazines with country house decor ideas also teach you about what creating rustic country decor for your home means.

Country Living Magazine (2-year)

• Country Living Magazine features living in the countryside, decorating with this style and rustic country decorating ideas.
• Covers recipes, collecting antiques and quilts, rustic kitchens, vintage furniture, gardening and how to restore this style of home.

Cross Country Stitching Magazine

• Cross country stitching magazine provides articles and charts that are easy to stitch.
• It is easy to find country decorating magazines with rustic country decorating ideas. Learn to stitch rustic country decor designs for your home.

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