Learn about country home decor and find country style home decor.

Are you shopping for country home decor and country style home decor? Why is country home decor so appealing? Most everyone desires to get away from the rush, stress and hectic lifestyle that comes with living in the city.

Life was much simpler in the rural areas - at least we seem to think so. I must add that there was also a lot of hard work!

The rural lifestyle, everyday necessities and what was available influence the home decorating country style in the rustic homes of today.

Home decorating country style features rustic simplicity, comfort and traditional styles.

Country style home decorating is viewed as practical, comfortable, warm and friendly...and you are allowed to mix and match your antiques with reproductions and your flea market bargains.

Rustic themed collectibles and home décor includes:

• Antiques,
• Reproductions and vintage furniture,
• Natural materials,
• Neutral colored textiles,
• Throw rugs,
• Mismatched china collections,
• Crafts,
• Canning jars,
• Bed quilts,
• Bright color pillows,
• Products made by hand by the family or some artist.

Furniture that is handmade for this kind of decorating has the appearance of being sturdy, not very ornate and usable.

Delicate design with a great deal of ornamentation and detail is not used in this kind of furniture.

Twigs, birch bark, hickory and logs with the knots can be used to build any kind of furniture for a country home decor.

Cast iron with a rust finish or hand-painted in bright colors is also common in bedroom and patio furniture.

Country home decor can feature wooden beams that are unfinished, naturally finished pine floors, cement floors, bricks and plastered walls that may even be left unpainted. Today, people paint the floors with different designs or they use plain off-white to match the rooms decor.

Here are free country style home decor suggestions for various rooms for country style decor decorating:

Kitchen décor – for storage, use kitchen cabinets, several shelves that are open, plate racks, cupboards and buffets. Country style kitchen storage can display your eclectic plate collections, pots of stoneware, glassware and earthenware.

Group your collections by color on each wall or shelving if you can. If your collection is mismatched, it is definitely OK. The different colors will create a beautiful focal point in the room.

Cabinets in a rustic kitchen are finished in aged surfaces and they can be painted with a distressed look or with rough finishes.

Round cabinet door knobs or ceramic door knobs will complete the rustic look.

To display your country home decor dinnerware collections, use shelves that are open. Rustic kitchen cabinets and baker's rack, hutches, or any other unfitted furniture can be an attractive element in the rustic kitchen.

What about the floors and countertops? Handpainted tiles, ceramic tiles, slate, marble and even wood countertops - all of these materials will perform well visually and functionally.

If you prefer to use laminate materials, they are definitely less expensive. For the rustic look, choose coverings of laminates that are made of plain colors.

What about the use of antiques in a rustic kitchen? Of course! They work great!

Mismatched and unfitted items (different woods or colors for example) work well in the contemporary country home decor...and don't worry about those scratches and nicks. Some wear and tear is very appropriate in the primitive country style - these are examples of free country style home decor ideas.

Home decorating country style dining room/kitchen - this kind of room is once again popular for entertainment and family gathering.

Most homes today will have a formal dining room and another less formal section near the kitchen or in the kitchen.

A long time ago, the kitchen was a very large room with a fireplace and a gathering place for family and friends to sit down and have the meal.

Today, guess what? Once again, the kitchen is where meals that are not as formal can be served.

It's the space where the everyday mealtime may be enjoyed.

However, if there are going to be guests in a setting that is more formal, the appropriate place to enjoy a great meal will be the dining room. Use fragrances to give the room a delightful smell and ambiance.

Dining rooms in a country home can use natural wood tables such as oak, pine or walnut. Add a cupboard in the corner, racks for plates and then a dresser or sideboard.

You'll find you have great storage in the dining room plus the serving area will be perfect. Just be sure the materials and style of the table/chairs matches the rest of the furnishings.

What about country home decor bathrooms?

What you'll want to create is a bathroom that uses pastel colored walls, antique or reproduction lighting, wainscoting on the walls for a more traditional style.

Use cabinets with wainscoting in the front and vanity with two sinks to provide an elegant atmosphere and a modern look.

For creating a rustic kitchen floor, use tiles that are terra cotta or even brick, stone or wood. A rustic bathroom should have wood, ceramic tile, linoleum, vinyl or natural cork floors.

A carpet placed in a bathroom is not a very good idea. Carpet gives you more allergies and gets dirty too quickly. Today, you can install carpet tiles in any room - if an area gets stained, you can easily replace those specific tiles.

As for bathroom hardware, select materials made of wood and antique brass. For towels, decorate with plain white towels instead of using bright colors or patterns. And you can add wicker or wire baskets as a place to store sponges and shampoos that will be handy in the area of the shower or tub.

Country home décor - what kind of furnishings are used in this style of home decorating country style?

Wild flowers and herbs, vintage baskets, rustic ceramics, bed quilts, country bowls, linens, wild life paintings, American Indian rugs, wool blankets, duck decoys, teddy bears. Patterns that use flowers, checks and stripes remind us of a lifestyle that existed a very long time ago.

The colors that are appropriate in rustic country style decor are neutral tones that can vary from white, bone or earth tones to red barn, raspberry red, greens, yellows or blues - any color related to nature with a distressed look will be perfect.

To have a living room and vintage country western home decor - if you have a love seat or couch, consider adding a slipcover that is made of a floral print for a romantic rural look.

Then, add padded stools and an ottoman for a comfortable place to put your drinks or newspapers. Then, if you can, add some rocking chairs. You will have an area that is comfortable and functional.

Life in the countryside requires a great deal of hard work and can be difficult. Now, it is possible to recreate the peace and closeness with nature without the hardship of rural life.

The knowledge and abilities that are required to create a country style home decor can be understood and implemented by almost anyone. Study and learn as much as you can to understand the basics that mean you are creating this style of space.

Country style home decor and vintage country western home decor recommended reading.

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Decorating Flea Market: Creating Style with Finds That Are Vintage by Author Vicki Ingham.

This book teaches you how to buy antiques, room-by-room country ideas and eight examples of country decorating ideas - you will find every bit of information in its pages most valuable.

Learn more about free country style home decor ideas and cheap country primitive home decor and considerations for country style decorating for home.

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