Several tips about country kitchen design and unique country kitchens.

Country kitchen design and tips for how to design a country kitchen for family and friends to enjoy wonderful meals and happy environment!

Creating unique country kitchens means having a comfortable, happy and friendly space with some free standing antiques, flea market finds and distressed painted furniture made of pine.

If you buy an old rustic house and are going to remodel this room using country kitchen design, you should consider keeping the original woodwork, wood floors and perhaps cabinets...unless it is not possible!

Old cabinets are made of wood and you can replace the hinges and knobs for a more updated look.

You don't have to keep all the old dark finishes placed on the wainscoting and old painted walls in the kitchen. Strip the dark finishes and change it to a lighter tone.

Another possibility is to paint the cabinets and walls with distressed country colors like...antique white, peach, apple, red-barn, earth tones, cottage white, green, yellow and tones of blue for a rustic decor.

Rural kitchen windows use checkered curtains, flower patterns, lace curtains, stripes and seat cushions with bows for your chairs - country kitchen examples.

Rural-style kitchens today have a combination of cabinets fitted and unfitted pieces of furniture, free standing hutches with glass doors, pie safe cabinets, cupboards and jelly cabinets for this style decor.

Your furniture does not need to be perfect. Chips, dents and scratches are great because imperfections will add charm to the furniture.

Having wear and tear plus an aged look, will add to the kitchen design flavor!

Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare meals!

Your country kitchen design should be part of the open space design that includes the dining room and family room where socializing with your family and entertaining friends can occur while you are cooking.

For the dining room, use an antique table or reproduction pine table, hutches with open shelves or glass doors and perhaps used or distressed wicker or wooden chairs. If you prefer a more contemporary look, modern furniture can also work in a country setting.

When creating a country kitchen design, you should feature natural materials and colors and have comfortable furnishings.

Country kitchen examples are to use open shelves, plate racks, cabinets with glass doors and cupboards for storing items such as stoneware pots, glazed earth-ware and glass jars. Antique or reproduction plates and dinnerware collections can also be displayed on open shelving.

The materials and colors used for the floor and countertop are important elements to have this kind of look. For the counter-tops, use ceramic tiles, hand-painted tiles, slate, stone or marble.

If you decide to use laminate counter-top materials, select plain colors for coverings.

Terracotta tiles, brick, flagstone and wood are all popular flooring materials in country kitchen floors.

Since most home buyers want an island, including one is a good idea in case you ever sell your home.

The island in the kitchen reminds us of the farmhouse where the work table was the food preparation area. If space is limited, you may wish to have a rolling butcher block that can be moved around as needed.

Decorating with this style uses stencilling and wallpaper. Stencilling can be used around your windows, exposed beams, wooden floors and where ceilings and walls meet.

Furniture was also painted with flowers, scenery and wildlife. Add a fireplace for a warm country-style home decor look. Fireplaces were made of brick, stone and wood and can be used today successfully.

Books about how to design a country kitchen and unique country kitchen design.

Decorate Junk Market Style by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer

This book teaches you how to find great bargains and good junk at flea markets and thrift and discount stores.

Learn how to decorate your country kitchen with country kitchen design and tips for how to design a country kitchen online and other rooms in the house with those great deals.

This book gives more tips for how to design your very own unique country kitchens, how to design a country kitchen including decorating with this style and much more.

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