Here are country small bathroom designs ideas when creating a country bathroom country design.

Country small bathroom designs can take many forms. A bathroom country design means you can decorate this room in rustic, quaint, humble, English or French country style.

Or you can use flea market or thrift shop chic with perhaps some aged furniture, wholesome lifestyle or old pictures.

The bathroom country design and decorating has changed more than any other room in the home over the past few years.

Today, a country bathroom is a place where you feel relaxed and at peace.

This kind of design is about creating a tranquil environment where comfort is crucial.

Even a country small bathroom can appear spacious and comfortable with good design and the right products.

Items associated with country style design:

• Blue and white ceramic tiles for the countertop and walls,
• Pine wood flooring,
• Freestanding white-painted furniture for storage,
• White-painted cabinetry with glass doors for storage will give the room a beautiful country feel and look,
• Light green or pink ceramic tiles for the countertop,
• Tongue-and-groove paneling for the walls,
• Terra-cotta floor tiles,
• Wicker baskets,
• Flowers, stripes and plaid fabric for the window treatments,
• Window treatments with fabrics that have birds, checks, leaves, feathers, berries and flowers are perfect country small bathroom designs.

Marble for your countertop, faded floral patterns on the walls, painted wooden floors with antique white or other soft cream color, big and deep claw foot tub, wicker linen baskets and painted cabinets with an aged and weathered finishing will be beautiful.

To get the aged look in your cabinets, paint them the following way - brush the paint on carefully and then use a piece of cloth and rub it off.

When it dries, apply wood stain sealer. An alternative treatment would be to apply two different paint colors, then use a sandpapered finish to create a distressed look.

Add storage to your country small bathroom designs. A small jelly cabinet can easily function as a pantry for the kitchen or a closet for supplies and towels.

Country designs and styles take us back to the time when life was considerably more simple.

This style of room can have antique looking lighting, perhaps reproduction antiques that can provide your country small bathroom designs a calm and elegant atmosphere.

Using claw foot tubs, antique faucets and old fashioned country cabinets for storing towels and toiletries will create a beautiful look. If you decide to add some antiques, they don't have to be perfect...even chips and scratches will add to the charm and unrestored look of the antique.

When decorating your country bathroom, not all the pieces need to be grand and impressive antiques - showers can be installed for convenience.

You should have a mixture of other small and modest pieces that are either antique or from secondhand stores. Add a bit of wear and tear to maintain the country flavor. It's fun and it works!

If your country bathroom is small, you should be concerned with the direction of your door swing since you don't want to place the toilet in a way that is visible when the door is open.

You can find online examples of country style bathroom products that show just how many choices you have when doing country small bathrooms designs - enjoy!

Recommended books for country small bathroom designs and country small bathroom design.

Comfortable Country by Enrica Stabile and Christopher Drake.

This book covers country small bathroom designs ideas, small bathroom country design products like storage, country cabinets, country bathroom vanities, faucets and more when creating a country bathroom.

Flea Market Decorating: Creating Style with Vintage Finds (Better Homes and Gardens Books) by Vicki Ingham, Editor

The generous use of pictures help tell the stories - a combination architect and collector describes re-purposing objects such as how to transform antique faucet handles into lovely towel holders.

From paste wax application to decorations to purchasing old objects, you will never see flea markets in the same way again.

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