Beautiful country style kitchen and country style kitchen cabinets are a warm and comfortable style for your home kitchen.

The country style kitchen is where most families spend a great deal of time. This kind of kitchen design country style means casual, serene, warm, bright and where most of the favorite used colors come from nature.

This kind of space will use colors like orange, yellow, tomato red, apple green, peach, olive and blue. In this style of room for storage - use open shelves, buffets, plate racks and painted farmhouse cupboards.

Country kitchen storage is usually packed with items like stoneware pots, plain-glazed earthenware and glass jars.

Pots should be copper, steel or cast iron and most country home decor cookware tends to be large and plain.

To have a rustic kitchen does not mean that you have to cook in a museum...you can have all the modern appliances and conveniences and even mix new and old furniture pieces for a more contemporary look.

Adding a fireplace to your room for a charming country style decor look is a good idea and a beautiful focal point.

Many years ago, houses had very large fireplaces which could be used for cooking and heating at the same time.

More affluent farmhouses began to add wood paneling on their fireplaces to display some of their possessions and family pictures.

Country style kitchen cabinets that are made of aged surfaces, worn paint, materials from nature and finishes that are rough will add to the rustic charm. Open shelving works great to display your colorful plates, attractive ceramics and dinnerware collections.

Kitchen design country style cabinets that are made of pine wood, finished natural, even painted white or with another distressed color finish can be beautiful.

Painting your country style kitchen cabinets blue, yellow, cranberry-red, watermelon-red or white can make this room absolutely attractive.

The kitchen is the hub of the entire house.

It could have exposed aged beams where you can hang several wicker baskets. You can also paint the ceiling between the beams with some bright color.

To paint your entire room white, including the cabinets, is not a good idea. White will make your old furniture pieces look darker and will give the room a monochromatic look. If you are certain that white is what you want...use different shades of white for better results.

Use an aged pine table with wicker chairs or Windsor chairs for a farmhouse look. You can add a modern stove with a vintage look plus a farmhouse kitchen sink for the perfect rustic charm.

Country kitchen countertops - use ceramic tiles, hand-painted tiles, marble or slate.

The use of laminate materials should be of plain colors for the surface coverings. It is OK to use several colors and patterns for your countertop and backsplash.

Brick, terracotta tiles, slate, concrete that has been polished, wood or stone are popular in this style of kitchen floors. If you decide to add some antiques, they don't have to be perfect.

Chips and scratches will add to the charm and un-restored look of the antique furniture. Adding a bit of wear and tear to maintain the rustic style home decor flavor is fun - and it works.

In the old times, farmhouses were not always that comfortable! Farmhouses were very cold in the winter - the fireplace was the only heat source, they were dark with very limited lighting fixtures and the floors were also uneven.

Today, all of these issues have been solved. We can have a home with antique furniture, country style decorations, country style kitchen cabinets and all the modern comforts and luxuries.

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