Interested in custom build log homes?
Here are three major ways to consider when custom building a log home.

Custom build log homes - these kinds of structures are the result of designing and building based on your desires, expectations, specifications and plans.

If you are planning to custom build log homes, this will mean hiring an architect or residential designer, perhaps a building company or builder who creates plans that will be unique.

The advantages when undertaking custom building a log home is that the residence is designed/built based on your specifications and desires. There's not any other exactly like it anywhere.

Here are ways you can consider custom building a log home:

Create Your Plans Using an Architect - to create your dream home, use the education and experience of a professional architect to help you.

Ensure that the custom build log home you are having your architect design is not the first one they have done.

Examine designs they have done in the past, call references on projects they have created previously and see for yourself what their education is and what experience they have that qualifies them to design your home.

The architect that is qualified should be able to design your custom build log home. This professional can oversee construction and they can help make sure your home gets built as you want it to be built.

This kind of professional help will cost the most however. The architect or residential designer fees may be based on a percent of what the project will cost or maybe it will be based on the project's square footage of living space.

Check out several architects, look closely at their qualifications, then select the one that you feel is best qualified when you will be building a home.

Create A Custom Build Log Home By Using a Log Home Building Company - companies designing and building log homes may have architects on their staff that can make custom build log homes blueprints, designs and specifications. Often, the person doing the design will be a drafts person.

Make sure in this case that you verify that any architect or residential designer that you will be consulting with is professionally qualified to be supervising the work, making sure the work conforms to code and that it has been designed to be structurally sound.

Find Existing Plans That You Like - reputable online services exist that have ready-to-build plans for various styles of homes.

These can be purchased at a cost considerably lower that what an architect needs for creating custom build log homes plans that are what you want.

These services usually have professional staff that are qualified to do the changes to plans, resulting in bluprints that will be the custom build log homes plans especially for you.

Visit these online plans services and see for yourself what criteria to enter, giving you plans that are the kinds that you are interested in.

Search based on square footage, the number of bedrooms, how many bathrooms, single story, split level and etc. The big question is - do the plans that are available seem to be the kind of plans that you want?

Finding plans that are what you want means you will save hundreds of dollars. Make note of the plans ID numbers if you wish to see additional details about them again.

When finding a floor plan that is what you want, then take a look at the plans company, plans prices, costs of changes and fees for multiple copies.

Questions to answer when building a log home from existing plans:

• 1- How many years has the company been operating?
• 2- Can they make modifications to plans?
• 3- What about plan formats and choices?
• 4- Your plans will be completed when?
• 5- Are materials lists needed for construction and are they available?

If you're just starting to organize ideas you will need for building a log home, be sure what your options are.

This style of living space that is designed well and built well provides many years of enjoyable use and ownership.

When you design and custom build a log home, try to learn as much as you can about how to actually do the building.

Consider obtaining a good book or two on the subject. And learn more about controlling the project costs and working with professionals who will help make your dream log home become a reality.

Recommended reading for custom build log homes.

The Log Home Plan Book - Favorite Plans, Decor and Advice by Authors Cindy Thiede, Heather Mehra-Pederson

This book has over 128 pages including 125 color photos and 30 log home floor plans. Includes thirty plans that are fabulous from professional builders/designers.

The floor plans have beautiful photographs, many in full color, of the exteriors and interiors that have been professionally designed.

The authors explain concepts using a combination of pictures and plans, practical planning advice from the professionals who are involved in designing and building this style of home.

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