Tips on building a deck you can use plus plans and deck books.

Tips for building a deck can help you create a well-designed patio area that greatly enhances your quality of life as well as potentially adds increased value to your home. Growing numbers of people are now building a backyard deck for themselves.

Here are a few tips for that you should consider before you begin the project in earnest.

First of all, before you start to commit any money whatsoever to this project, determine whether or not you need to have any type of permission from local building departments or if there are any restrictions on what you can or cannot build.

That's not the kind of thing you want to discover half way through your building patio deck project!

Now that you have armed yourself with that information, bear in mind the following tips for building a deck. They might not all be relevant to your specific needs, but they could be.

And remember, time spent planning before building a backyard deck is not going to be time wasted. You need to try to anticipate as many problems as you can before the construction starts to take place.

First of all, be exact as to where you want to locate yours. Good design will help harmonize your deck with your home and the remainder of your property and prevent it from becoming overly dominant on the eye. It should blend rather than obtrude - good tips for building a deck.

If you have a stunning view, then clearly you will want to position the deck accordingly. Or you might want to catch a southern exposure or a piece of shade.

If neighbors overlooking your space might be a problem or if you are located adjacent to a noisy road, then think about using shrubs, fences or perhaps even walls to alleviate the problem and provide needed privacy.

Are you going to directly join the deck with your main house?

This needs careful thought because if persons leaving the area walk straight into the living area, you might have problems keeping carpets clean or people inside may be disturbed by persons going in and out.

Obviously, if you lead the deck into the kitchen, it will make the transport of food and drink outside more straightforward.

Perhaps look at the possibility of having a sliding glass door from the kitchen or even having access to it from two separate rooms.

Doing so can both increase the visual aspect and at the same time will ease the flow of movement between inside and out.

Decks don't have to directly connect to the home. They can be what are known as a destination deck which will usually be separate from the residence. You might live near woods or water in which case orienting the deck towards them will help unite the space with the view.

You might even have your own pond, so that a deck fringing would enhance its appeal. It's even possible, if you have a flat roof above a garage or an extension to your house, that you build your deck above that and have access either from the house or from the ground floor. You will need to check that the structure is strong enough to allow building there, though.

Consider the use that you would like from this kind of project. If you are only likely to use this for a small number of people, then limit the size accordingly. And remember to keep a good sense of proportion.

If you have a small house and a small outdoor area, keep your deck small. Similarly, if you have a large garden and a large house, a small deck could look insignificant and pointless.

If you do have quite a large deck, then you might want to somehow separate it into various distinct spaces for lounging and eating, for example, or by including a kid's play area. This might be something to consult with the family about during the design stages.

Take account of the amount and flow of the people using the area around the deck. Is everyone going to the garden, garage, shops, tool shed and so on going to have to cross the patio area? Clearly, if you want to design a place for peaceful relaxation and contemplation, you will want to avoid that design fault.

Assess the actual shape that will best suit your home and your requirements. You don't have to only use a rectangular shape. You might contemplate adding angles or curves to your design. Or consider even having two distinct deck areas connected by paths, steps, a bridge or even water.

Also, when considering building a patio deck, evaluate how you want to link it visually with its surrounding landscaping and environment.

You want to create a smooth flow between the deck and the rest of your property and not have it standing in splendid isolation.

You could make use of planters, pots, urns, borders, trellises, benches and pathways to link your garden so that it appears fluid from one section to another.

If you want your garden to have a formal air and appearance, then straight lines and symmetry are traditionally used. For more informal gardens, then the opposite applies.

If you don't consider yourself a ‘gardener', then by selecting shrubs or low-maintenance plants in pots, you can keep the essential work needed down to a minimum.

You can, of course, hire yourself a professional designer to go through all of these aspects with you. Or, to make it a challenge and save money, you can utilize plans available on the internet and adapt them for your own available space.

By considering all the tips for building a deck and the ramifications of design in advance, you will make the actual process of building a backyard deck a more predictable and therefore easier proposition.

Tips on building a deck books.

Outdoor Rooms - Designs for Porches, Terraces, Decks, Gazebos by Author Julie D. Taylor.

Learn how designers, architects and professional landscapers create outdoor places for enjoying the outdoors around your home.

Deck Designs, Railings, Planters, Benches by Author Steve Cory.

Packed with tips on building a deck - this resource combines ideas and how-to. You'll learn from more than 25 designs and general information for anyone considering a building patio deck project.

As you may know, one aspect of building a backyard deck that is most challenging is coming up with or selecting a design that will perform well, both for family and for the outdoor area where it will be built.

Designs from four leading designers and builders have been included to help you generate ideas. Using photos, renderings, floor plans and details - the designs may be just what you were looking for to help you come up with your design. Amenities such as overhead structures, railings, benches and planters are also detailed.

The Complete Guide to Building Decks

The USA's best-selling deck book covers tips on building, design and construction techniques.

The construction techniques covered have been updated to conform with the requirements of the latest building codes and practices.

Learn new ideas on how to build a freestanding deck, tips on building a deck, design and planning information that includes both basic and advanced building techniques.

Then step-by-step instructions for building seven popular designs are given. You'll also learn about popular accessories and how to change a design for a look that is unique for your deck. 304 pages, 650 photos.

Building a Deck - Build Like a Pro by Author Scott Schuttner.

The definitive guide to the building patio deck planning stages, step-by-step construction instructions and custom details to make your project unique.

Decks, porches and patios can be remodeled into outdoor rooms that are as complete as rooms inside, as finished as you want them.

One reviewer writes how he enjoyed the illustrations and details. From the beginning to the end, the book is written for even a novice in clear and understandable language.

Includes over 35 drawings and 300 color photos for fun and informative reading.

Backyard Idea Book by Author Lee Anne White.

The backyard today is not just a lawn. There are so many activity possibilities - from lounging and dining to playing and communicating with nature.

Kitchens outside make cooking fun for everyone and a backyard fireplace can create a place for the family or friends to come together.

Learn fresh ideas for converting the backyard into your own personal and satisfying space.

Combining stylistic concepts with practical advice will help you choose specific projects that are appropriate for your backyard - this backyard projects book is packed with ideas you can use.

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