Enjoy designer bath towels and designer print bath towels in exciting colors for your bathroom...

Designer bath towels means they are name-brand and high quality! For something you'll be using every day, quality IS an issue, right? And with reason. No matter what the season, being surrounded by the softness, warmth and luxury of a great bath towel HAS to rank high among life's pleasures.

Here is the measurement of designer bath towels quality - an average-quality towel weighs 12 pounds per dozen, while the most luxurious towels range up to 18 pounds per dozen.

In this spirit, this page has a collection of online designer bath towels that you'll enjoy for a long time to come. Take your time as you check out the great towels and suppliers shown below.

• Solid designer print bath towels will add style to your bathroom.
• Make sure you select designer bath towels that are soft and super absorbent with colors that match your bathroom decor.

Luxury Hotel / Spa Collection - 6 piece White Terry Hand Towel Set (Grand Size) - 100% Genuine Turkish Grown Cotton Designer Bath Towels

• Turkish designer bath towels are soft, made of cotton and very absorbent.
• White bathroom towels to help with you decorate your bathroom.

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