Designs for a small bathroom and small space bathroom design ideas for you.

Are you looking for designs for a small bathroom? Small space bathroom design presents special challenges, but there are solutions to these issues.

When designing small bathrooms in your home, there are several types of sizes besides designs for a small bathroom:

Half bathroom - this small bathroom layout designs size usually has a sink and toilet. It can be located on the home's main floor to ease morning or evening rush. Dimensions are generally between 3' x 6' or 4' x 5' - similar to a closet.

3/4 bathroom - may have a shower stall, a toilet and sink and dimensions are typically 6' x 6'.

Full bathroom - includes toilet, sink, and combination tub/shower plumbed along one wall and the typical dimensions are 5' x 7' or 5' x 8'.

Master or luxury bathroom - this larger size room usually has two sinks, a toilet, perhaps a bidet, tub (or whirlpool/spa), shower, walk-in closet and even more.

It is possible in larger spaces to include a piece of exercise equipment, fireplace or a TV, for example.

Children's bathroom - can be a 3/4 size or full size. Children need storage places to put things.

If more than one child will be using the bathroom at the same time, consider placing a wall or divider that will separate the toilet from the remainder of the room.

Guest bathroom - is usually a 3/4 bath or full-sized space.

Powder rooms can be any kind of size, in most cases it depends on the size of your home.

Powder rooms are normally built around the ground floor of the living area, so friends, family and visitors don't have to go upstairs to use the other bathrooms.

Designing small bathrooms include considerations for the function, comfort, style, storage, luxury and small bathroom layout designs.

If your small room is going to be used by the entire family, consider choosing materials and fixtures that are durable and easy to clean.

When doing your small space bathroom design, some of the first questions you should ask, and answer, include:

• How big will the room be?
• How much do you want to spend?
• Where are you going to place the toilet? Are you going to place your toilet visible through an open door?
• Are you planning to have storage?
• How many items would you like to store? Make a list of all the items you want to keep in this space.
• How many people will be using the room at the same time?
• What about lighting and ventilation that are planned?
• How many bathrooms do you have in the household?

If you are doing designs for a small bathroom and adding an extra one to your home, doing so can be a good investment.

If you ever decide to sell your home, potential buyers will enjoy buying a home that has enough bathrooms for their family.

Building a half bath or powder room in your home to reduce congestion in the morning or evenings can be a welcomed convenience for everyone. Perhaps it can be located in an existing space such a closet.

Another suggestion - if you want to add more small bathroom layout designs at home, consider locating new ones near the existing one. If your home is multi floor, locate bathrooms over each other. This way, the same plumbing lines can be used for all of them which will save money.

Think about which way the door swings. Will the door hit the toilet or persons in the room? Generally, having the door swing outward away from the room works best... or perhaps a folding door, accordion door and pocket doors are your best options.

In any small space, clutter is the room's worst enemy. Having items piled up will only call attention to the lack of space and storage.

Use nooks to place shelves, storage baskets or cabinets over the toilet. An attractive vanity or closet can be used to organize towels, soaps, shampoos, hair dryers, medicines, magazines, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and so on. Good designs for a small bathroom will include a design that is free of clutter.

Small bathrooms can have a problem with moisture that can affect your ceiling, floor and countertops.

This could become an issue if you do not have a ventilating fan to reduce odors and moisture. Read more about bathroom design ideas and selecting a power ventilator.

Storage is essential for good designs for a small bathroom. You can find a corner combination sink/vanity for your room for extra storage.

Use wall space, above the toilet wall space and corner shelves wisely in small space bathroom design.

You should find online designs for a small bathroom products that can be helpful solutions to the special requirements of a small space. All types of storage cabinets can be found for bathroom storage or in any other room in the house. Good luck with your search!

Books about designs for a small bathroom, small space bathroom design and small bathroom layout designs.

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Learn more about lighting, floors, bathroom accessories, ventilation, bathroom materials, designing small bathrooms, vanities, storage & other small bathroom design ideas.

The Bathroom Idea Book by Author Andrew Wormer

This Bathroom Idea Book will give you hundreds of ideas and pictures about bathroom design and layout.

Book with designs for a small bathroom ideas & small space bathroom design ideas, small bathroom layout designs, designing small bathrooms, vanities, storage & other small bathroom design ideas.

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