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Dicount bedding (discount bedding)? It's amazing how ofen we search online and make typos! No problem - dicount bedding, discount bedding...! We know what you're searching for and you can find it here!

You can find discount bedding in several sizes. This depends on what size mattress you have - twin, full, queen, king and California king. You can also purchase a Twin Extra Long mattress that's great for college dorm rooms, for example.

When buying sheets, make sure they have these measurements so they'll fit standard mattress sizes:

• Twin = 39x76 inches
• Twin Extra Long is 39x80 inches
• Full 54x75 inches
• Queen 60x80 inches
• King 78x80 inches
• California King 72x84 inches

When buying discount bedding pillows for your bed, make sure they have the following measurements to be sure that standard pillow case sizes will properly fit your pillows:

• Standard Size 20x26 inches
• Queen Size 20x30 inches
• King Size 20x36 inches

Standard and queen size pillows can fit into standard sized pillowcases. Manufacturers do not make a queen size pillowcase. You'll use either a standard or king size. However, king pillows need king pillowcases.

When setting up a king size bed, make sure you have king size pillows, standard pillows and other decorative pillows that go with your discount bedding collection. Your bed will look beautiful if you mix and match lots of pillows on your bed.

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