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Earthquake preparedness means understanding your structure's design, your structure's construction and your readiness. Earthquakes happen all the time, all over the world.

It's difficult or impossible to accurately predict an earthquake, which means you need to have planned and prepared for this event BEFORE it happens!

The earthquake preparedness and earthquake protection info should be understood so that you know how to act if you find yourself in an earthquake.

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No matter what earthquake protection info you are looking for, read as much as you can about how to act.

You can find specific actions provided for USA residents by the American Red Cross and FEMA in addition to excellent books on the subject.

The correct response depends on whether you're in the United States or another country. In the USA, the correct response during an earthquake should be to first drop down, then cover up and hold on according to the American Red Cross.

Engineering researchers have shown that not many buildings collapse in the USA as they may do in countries outside the United States.

Therefore, if you live in the USA and are involved in an earthquake, the American Red Cross recommendation should be the course of action based on the latest available research.

Read what you should do according to USA building codes and information provided by FEMA, the American Red Cross and related agencies on earthquake preparedness.

As for earthquakes, earthquake preparedness and design issues, the appropriate technical standards should be understood and used in the design of buildings to be resistant to earthquake damage.

Whether you're investigating post and beam construction and earthquakes survival information, timber frame construction and structural stability or reinforced concrete construction and design.

Use the information on this page and in the referenced resources below to educate yourself on the factors involved in your design decision.

Books about earthquake preparedness

Earthquake Protection by Andrew Coburn and Robin Spence.

Earthquakes kill people! Earthquake risk management is an ongoing investigation, especially in the analyzing of risk for insurance services.

Each chapter covers different aspects of earthquake protection, covering both economic, personal and social conditions.

The authors have quite a lot of personal experience and they share real life examples.

Subjects covered include the modern developments in the theory and practical aspects of damages resulting from earthquakes, protection from this kind of damage and precautions you can take.

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