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Here are some ways we parents can help our child develop and become a better person.

Give your child unconditional love - no matter whether he or she cleans their room or not, your love for them should be way beyond those things - and your child will notice.

Tell them "I love you" - maybe even a few times a day.

Believe and have faith in your child's abilities - it's the best way to grow a potent adult.

Set the example - remember that a child will learn whether you set a good or a bad example.

Compliment your child every time they act in a good way - doing so will encourage them to act that way the nest time as well.

Try to stay positive - for example, tell your child what's good, not what's bad.

Take a moment before you say something to your child - try and establish a peaceful environment in your home - this will have a lasting effect on the kind of person your child will grow up to be.

Being a better parent isn't always easy, but it can have a lasting effect on how your child's growth and development. Make an effort to be a better parent - the rewards are priceless.

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