Use outdoor, indoor and antique fireplace accessories and parts to help create cozy fires...

When looking for open fireplace accessories and parts, here are some helpful recommendations for starting your wood fireplace fire or woodstove and which fireplace accessories and parts to use.

The number one consideration for starting any fire successfully is to be sure the firewood is dry.

For firewood to burn, it needs to reach a temperature of at least 450 degrees. Heated water in wood will boil at 212 degrees and turn into steam.

Until enough water leaves the firewood, the wood will not burn. Green wood weighs more than dry wood weighs because of excess water. A lot of energy is needed to dry out wet firewood.

And there's another problem - the water vapor and smoke created by attempting to burn green wood condenses on the chimney walls, which creates a layer of creosote.

This dangerous condition can result in having a flaming chimney fire. Always try to begin with good, dry wood. The moisture content of wood needs to be below 20% to burn correctly.

The good news is - you do not have to find twigs or kindling each time you want to start a fire. There are fire-starting fireplace accessories and parts that bypass using paper and small kindling altogether. Once you have a bed of hot coals, you keep adding pieces of wood onto the fire.

One popular product that helps you start your fire is called Fatwood.

Fatwood can be used to start fires in fireplaces and wood stoves. Starting fires is definitely a skill that takes some practice.

The more fires you start successfully, the better your technique gets.

Don't become frustrated if the fire doesn't start the first time. Just use smaller pieces of wood until you get it right!

If you're looking for fireplace accessories and parts such as tool sets - pokers, brushes and shovels, go here for fireplace tools.

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