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Obtain one of the fireplace design books if a fireplace or wood burning stove is being planned. On a cold day, nothing beats the pleasure of a warm, cozy fire with its crackling sounds and wood smoke fragrance.

The fireplace design books can educate you and inspire you as you create your functional and attractive fireplace design. Fireplaces present special challenges that must be understood and planned for to have a successful installation.

Below are several of the best selling fireplace design idea book titles that you should consider purchasing if a new fireplace is in your future.

Fireplace Decorating and Planning Ideas - Fireplace Design Books by Editors Judith P. Knuth and Paula Marshall

Covers the selection and maintenance of both fire places and stoves. When in the planning stage, one should know what are the important questions to ask, and to answer.

Selecting the style that's best for your room can be easier after seeing the dozens of color photographs showing fire places you will like and others you won't like. You can mark which examples you like and discuss with your designer or builder.

Whether traditional, Victorian, rustic country or modern styles, learn how to work the design into the room's design including the furniture selection and arrangement.

Fireplaces: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces & Stoves, Indoors and Outdoors by Author Jane Gitlin

Fireplaces and wood burning stoves can be placed and enjoyed in virtually any room in the home. Of course, they were once used where wood was the fuel and their purpose being the primary source of heat and for cooking.

Today, you can find them for indoor or outdoor use, you can choose from several fuel types and you will have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles available to match any decor.

This book on fireplace design includes detailed information for wood, gas, freestanding and ventless fireplaces plus wood and pellet stoves. And the fabulous photographs feature a wide variety of styles and decor, whether for new construction or remodeling.

Converting a wood unit into a gas unit, safety issues, mantle and hearth design considerations, lighting and accessories - these and other relevant topics are explained throughout this resource.

This informative fireplace design book helps you better understand how to make choices in furniture and how the furniture should be arranged in the room. You will also learn how to decorate the hearth and mantel appropriate for various seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Fireplace and Mantel Ideas: Designing, Building and Installing Your Dream Fireplace Mantel by John Lewman

Whether you will be designing and building a wood or a gas fireplace, learn how to create the mantle that will be just what you want.

If you are looking for step by step guide on how to construct a classic mantle, this is the book for you.

Combining easy to read text with detailed photography, you will learn how to use materials you can easily buy at your local material supplier in making your mantle.

By seeing original drawings, detailed sketches and photos, you will likely learn what you need to know to create the ideal mantle design.

Fire Outdoors - Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Wood-Fired Ovens and Cooking Centers by Authors Tina Skinner and Melissa Cardona

If you you want to have a fire place, woodstove or fire pit in your backyard, this book on fireplace design is a wonderful choice.

Outdoor Rooms - Fresh-Air Kitchens and Living Areas by Authors Tina Skinner and Melissa Cardona

Step by Step to a Classic Fireplace Mantel by Authors Steve Penberthy, Gary Jones and Douglas Congdon-Martin

The mantel that is built around the fireplace should be part of the decor. This informative fireplace design book provides the woodworker a layout guideline that is very detailed.

You'll learn how to measure and what should be measured. What materials will be needed makes it easy to head to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes.

Decorating with Architectural Details by Philip Schmidt, Jessie Walker

This book covers architectural details in your home including mantels, trims, window seats, shelving and how they all affect your decor.

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