Fireplace design ideas for your home.

There have never been more fireplace design ideas and options available to you than today. With modern day technologies, you can purchase and install any of a number of contemporary design fireplaces to fit any decor, color, finish, shape and space.

Simple fireplace designs today are more efficient, easy to install, cleaner and easier to use. You can even buy freestanding units that can be moved from one room to another. As a result, fireplace design ideas offer you more choices than ever.

You can have a product with advanced design that vents through a wall, saving the expense of building and maintaining a chimney or perhaps a nonventing option.

Fireplaces now exist that can be lit with a remote control or have a wall mounted thermostat that controls the temperature to what your needs are!

This technological advance means you can now have any heating unit in virtually any room you choose and powered by gas, electricity or wood burning. The warmth and charm of a fire will bring enjoyment to you, your family, friends and guests.

You can buy vent-free or vent less gas heating fireplaces, stoves or appliances - they will operate without any chimney, vent or flue and can be placed anywhere in your house.

These ventless and portable decorative fireplaces, require no installation. This type of fireplace can be placed in any room of your home, office, apartment or cabin. In general it uses clean burning, non-toxic and environmentally friendly gel fuel.

If you are planning to buy a vent-free appliance for your home, make sure you check with your local building department and fire ordinances concerning use for your location.

When considering fireplace design ideas, another concern is the safety of your children. Make sure you find out if you can buy a sturdy safety screen - several manufacturers will have these screens available.

If you decide to purchase a gas unit, it will function like a gas water heater. Most gas fireplaces have a pilot light that will shut down if the flow of gas is reduced, blown out or stopped - this is an important safety feature for your entire family.

When you buy a gas unit, you should not use it to burn wood. These heating units or fireplace design ideas are only manufactured to burn gas and can't be converted to burn wood.

Fireplace mantel hearth design and fireplace hearth design examples...

The hearth is the floor of the fireplace. The floor can be extended into the room and is paved with brick, tile, rocks, flagstone or cement. The hearth is sometimes raised above the room floor.

• Fireplace mantle hearth design examples with art deco style.
• Designed correctly, you can create drama in the room.

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