Fireplace modern design and ventless fireplace modern to accomodate any decor in your home.

Fireplace modern design offers you many choices of styles, colors and finishes. If you want to have a fireplace modern design, that means the lines will be clean with little detail or ornamentation.

Why are dancing flames so alluring? It's been that way for hundreds of years for humans.

And from a necessity in the past to a symbol of comfort and style today - the fireplace is an important visual and social focal point in any home.

Earlier in the 1900's, fireplaces became out of fashion. However, new technologies have made them as efficient or even more efficient than nearly all of the other heating options.

The modern fireplace designs finishes are likely to be of stone such as granite, of tile or terrazzo, reinforced concrete, or of wood or metal. Using a combination of two or more of these materials can easily be done.

It's relatively easy to purchase a ventless factory-built unit, install it, then finish the mantle and hearth in materials and colors that match your decor.

The rest of this page has products that are typical and all are from reliable online suppliers - yes, you can make these kinds of purchases online! Check them out and enjoy!

Electric Fireplace Mantel - Scottsdale

Electric Fireplace Mantel - Scottsdale

The Scottsdale collection represents the highest achievement in design and performance and it can be the perfect focal point in your room.

Firewood Sling Rack with Fireplace Tools

Firewood Sling Rack with Fireplace Tools

Decorative rack stacks a great deal of firewood and uses very little floor space.

Copper Bucket for Ashes icon


This rustic copper bucket for ashes is handmade of copper and includes bands of brass, handles of wrought-iron plus a fitting lid.

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