High quality pewter and wrought iron fireplace tools and accessories for your hearth and home.

Wrought iron fireplace tools are used in making adjustments to the firewood and for cleanup. You can find a wide variety made of wrought iron, pewter and brass.

Fireplace and tools sets will usually include a poker, a shovel and a long-handled brush. The most common lengths are about 28 inches long.

The poker will be used for adjusting the burning firewood. Once the fire is out and the ashes are cold, the brush and shovel are used to remove ashes.

Another helpful piece is called tongs. These are used to rearrange and adjust the burning logs and give you more control than the poker does.

Most sets include at least the stand, broom, tongs, shovel and poker. Tools for fireplaces are usually sold as a set, although you can purchase individual pieces.

The most expensive fireplace tools tend to be the tools made of brass or the ones that are handmade. The greatest advantage to buying a good set is that it will last a long time.

Styles can be casual or formal. Pieces made of brass are more traditional in appearance. Solid brass fireplace tool sets can have different treatments and details.

The shape may be that of a ball without details or the shape could be more elaborate with a top that has been turned in any number of styles.

You can find sets made of copper, brass, hand-forged wrought iron and marble.

Tool sets made of wrought iron have become more popular and the decorating styles have tended to be more casual. A casual style can at the same time be decorative, using items such as leaves, animals or scrollwork.

Sets that are machine made may come with accents that have been stamped and handles that have graceful curves.

Brass handles and steel shafts and ends may be combined in a piece to take advantage of brass's attractiveness and the durability of steel.

And something else to keep in mind is to be sure the size is appropriate for the size of the fireplace.

You will find that there are various lengths available, short ones for smaller units or long ones for large fireplaces. You should consider purchasing fire gloves for heat protection if your tools will be the shorter lengths.

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